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  1. MrFLORY

    Gen 7 GT Transmission fluid change

    Yeh good shout I did let a little run through before sealing up the drain plug to get any residual gunk out and then I filled her back up with the Redline MT-90. I took it for a drive to town and along a bypass near mine, it’s made a noticeable difference. 82000 on the clock. Definitely worth doing.
  2. MrFLORY

    Gen 7 GT Transmission fluid change

    Ah brill cheers! Yeh I’ve had the filler plug loose last night before realising I only had a deep 24mm socket for the drain plug or one of the multipoint types which I’m not keen on using incase it rounds it off so postponed until this evening when I pick up a standard 6 sided 24mm socket for the job. Cheers for the reply.
  3. I’m changing the transmission fluid tonight and I know where everything is in terms of drain and fill hole but is it ok to drain and then fill while the cars on axle stands at the front only. I know it might not be as effective as it being perfectly flat but is it “ok” and acceptable to do it like that. I’ve got a funnel and some hose and will feed the hose down to the fill hole from the engine bay and then fill from there until the fluid just starts to seep from the fill hole. Just after some confirmation that it’ll be ok on the stands if anyone knows..? Cheers in advance.
  4. MrFLORY

    Spacer Fitment Advice

    Cheers guys the advice and comments are highly appreciated I feel a lot more confident now knowing that this is how they are supplied and that I’ve fitted them correctly. Panic over
  5. Can someone please advise me regarding the fitment of some recently purchased spacers. They are second hand and from Freakyparts, seller supplied with original invoice from last year. 25mm & 15mm. My concern is that the studs are basically just lengths of thread that are simply screwed into the spacer with a little locktite once the spacer is on the hub... then the wheel sits on and bolts up tight. I’ve not seen spacers with this type of screw in stud system before where they screw in from the face. Does this seem safe or common? The pic I’ve attached highlights the studs that are screwed into the spacer by hand with some locktite.. Perhaps it’s all safe once the wheels on and tightened up and I’m over thinking...
  6. MrFLORY

    Lambda sensor Q

    Yeh it may be worth taking yours out and measuring it then looking on the Eurocarparts site at the spec for the ones they have available, it’s got the length of them in the description. I’ve got some old ones in the garage at home but unfortunately I’m not at my place at the mo or I’d check them for you. Let me know how you get on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. MrFLORY

    Lambda sensor Q

    Hi there! Don’t take this as gospel but I’m almost certain it’s got to be the 190 vvtli specific sensor as the one for the 140 is slightly shorter from what I remember when I changed mine a few years back. Also there’s 2 sensors pre and post cat. Hope this helps.
  8. Excellent, glad it worked [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi I think you may have bought the 1zzfe sensor by mistake. There's a denso one on eBay that's 590mm which is probably the one you're after.. I'll slap the link below https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231144081405 I've just tried that link I've given you and it won't work. Here's a screenshot of what to search for.. I've also noticed the seller is Eurocarparts so if theres one near you, you could take your faulty one with you to measure up before buying it
  10. MrFLORY

    Slow Starting Issue

    Yeh this sounds like the battery slowly on its way out. You can check the cranking power with a multimeter as you turn it over to see what voltage you get. But this really does sound like a battery.. I'm 99.9% sure
  11. MrFLORY


    Silly question maybe but have you swapped the battery out. Mine was being a nightmare until I got a new battery.
  12. Happy Birthday MrFLORY!

  13. Happy 11 Anniversary Rav T Sport!

  14. Happy 3 Anniversary MrFLORY!

  15. MrFLORY

    Lambda issues...

    Guys and gals!! Does anyone have any clue which exhaust sensor I'm needing to replace on my Gen 7 GT, it's just failed MOT on emissions and he's said he thinks it's the lambda so now having got under the car I see there's 2... A pre and post cat.. The fail was on the fast idle... Any help would be muchly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I'm also pretty sure he said it past the C02 part so wasn't the CAT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk