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Everything posted by 99GT

  1. Pre Winter Checks

    New wipers Winter screenwash Lube hinges New tyres if pretty worn
  2. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    You cant get fully in there to clean but you can enough. The main part to clean is the little adjusting flap thing and that's fully accessible. I'd definitely clean the existing one, but its your call. Toothbrush, cotton buds and carb cleaner worked for me
  3. help understanding part numbers

    Just describe it to the dealer in person and they'll figure it out. If they're unsure they'll just show you the diagram on their screen to make sure.
  4. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    You can still buy the gaskets new from any toyota dealer, pretty cheap. If you do a search, or it might even be in the stickies section, there's a guide on stripping and cleaning the IACV. If you get stuck then me or a few of the others can help. If you buy a used part then you risk it being as bad. They don't really go wrong as such, just get full of gunk then seize. A clean should be all that's needed.
  5. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    Yep, take it apart and clean the IACV and throttle body, will probably fix it for the price of two cheap gaskets. When did it last have a full service BTW? New plugs, oil and filters make a big difference too, and not too ££
  6. Just sharing a memory

    Not on the road, but at least Sorn is promising
  7. petrol smell

    Is it vented properly? The motorbikes I had in the past always had a vent tube running off the filler
  8. I imagine the difference is road legal plates and ones marketed as show plates. Road legal plates have to have the BS number (BS145 something?) and makers post code on, and they need to see your docs. Show plates dont and can be done over internet with no docs.
  9. Like an expectant father !

    Nice thread. I do like to see a car being kept original too
  10. I've wondered that recently myself, as I've upgraded the master cylinder on motorbikes before and it made a huge difference in power and feel
  11. Grim spark plugs

    Just swapped these out of my daily driver, 2005 fiesta. Bought with no history and ive used it for a year now too. Thought it's due a service! Wonder when these were put in? Anyone pulled out worse? Lol
  12. Petrol prices :(

    I don't look at petrol price tbh, I just stick 25 or whatever amount in. But then I do use V POWER every time because of the cleaning addititives in it
  13. Decent FB blog

    http://not2grand.co.uk/not-2-grand-cars/celica/ That ones a little celica article but if you follow them on FB they do loads of stuff based on the cheaper end of the market. Good reading and quite funny at times too
  14. Who is doing these at the moment? I'm after some standard style but that go on the inside of the glass rather than outside Ta
  15. Custom club decals?

    PMd him cheers
  16. Custom club decals?

    Thanks I'll have a look
  17. I recently bought some genuine Toyota ones from TCB for my gen 6 a lot cheaper than toyota's stated price. I don't know if they do much gen 7 stuff buy it might be worth trying them? Cheaper no name rubber stuff tends to be pretty rubbish and splits / deteriorates quick
  18. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    I could appreciate tax free but not MOT free. As others have said it's not too hard too pass. Think as well, if someone buys an old car that doesn't need an MOT it's not just them, they won't necessarily know what bodges the previous owner mightve done. It's a bit scary to think there some old codger or person on a budget that's running round in a car that's not been checked over for basic safety for maybe 10 years
  19. Red or Orange Gen1 Celica

    I've got an original paint chip book for the 1972 / 1973 ish toyota range with codes if you want to go for an original toyota colour. But out of the two above colours I like the orange
  20. Hi. Need to fit some new front springs. The front currently sits way too low and after taking off the current springs they are shorter than what appears to be standard, plus they probably sag a bit by now too. Been looking at different options and come across the Suplex ones (ebay item 391706301091) anyone used these? Can only find a few reviews on the net but they all seem pretty positive . I just want some decent ones that will give me standard ride height. Nothing expensive and def not Toyota prices. It's for a gen 6 GT btw Thanks
  21. Anyone have recommendations for a good brush on rust treatment? I'm just cleaning up the rear underarches and there are a few spots I'd like to treat before putting waxoyl on it. Nothing thatl need grinding, just a quick wire brush and treat. I know waxoyl states it'll kill existing rust but id rather do it seperate first to be sure. Not after mega expensive marine type stuff, just readily available decent value brush on stuff Cheers Paul
  22. I had a throttle cable snap on a motorbike once so the twist grip wouldn't work. Had a few tools on me so rode home pulling the snapped end of the throttle cable with a pair of pliers!
  23. Best rust treatment?

    Thanks all. I've used Hammerite and Jenolite on small parts but wanted to try something different on the bigger sheetmetal bits. Think I'll try some Deox C, seems to have good writeups and not cheap but it'll make up loads I guess
  24. I was thinking the same. the footprint doesn't look much smaller than stacked and there won't be weight on the tyres either way. a steel rack that holds tyres flat against the wall would be a good idea though. possibly homemade?
  25. It's always suprising how much some people can screw up simple things like attaching number plates. Lol. My previous glued in the plastic screws so i had to remove the surround to get them out when the heads screwed off trying to undo them. I stuck the new rear plate on, looks loads neater