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  1. Dang! Rounded wheel nut

    the next size up torx bit hammered in there and the use of an impact gun in the garage should have that out in seconds. if not there are special tools designed for this or easy-out and the likes that a good garage may have to hand.
  2. Happy 10 Anniversary cooperman!

  3. It's dead!

    dont know if bek does these but you may find he would be cheaper on a quote than that. http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forum/234-bek8111/
  4. no you will pay for a whole month just for today if you do it now. wait until the first and then do it.
  5. Pressure plate and flywheel bolts

    most of the time you will find spring washers on the cover bolts. if they have spring washers then no thread lock is needed as these will stop them from coming loose. and reusing the old ones will be find if they are in a good state.
  6. Is corner weighting worth doing for non track cars?

    10cm difference on the front? that cant be right? thats like the front left wheel touching the arch and a 4inch gap on the front right. this must be a typo and if it 445mm FL then 5mm is nothing.
  7. Would like to be a GT4 owner again

    can we please get back to the question at hand. and that was ST185 or ST205? thanks all
  8. well not technically today but yesterday. finished up the last of the fibre glass (all that is left to do is fill and smooth) the front bumper conversion. and made some brackets and powder coated them for the coolers.
  9. PistonHeads Shed of the Week: Toyota Celica

    all true, for the gen 6. its a cheap car at the moment and will go forever. 4's and 5's have gone up in price now and good ones are in the £1000 or more bracket were as the 6's there are still a few about and are worth nothing really (give it a few years more and they will go up, but not yet). so for sub £1000 its a hard car to beat.
  10. Happy 9 Anniversary cooperman!

  11. Rust to Rome - Team Go Nads!

    i think thats what they call a "low temp racing thermostat" doesnt look accidental to me that one. so i hope you are getting some miles on it before you go just to find out if there is any under lying problems with the car. but good luck with the trip.
  12. think he is on about using the amp wire as in 4gauge +/-. if this is the case and as long as the wire is no thinner than the thickest wire connected to the battery then it will be fine over a length of 6" or so. (make sure the wire is rated for, as said above around the 125amp range) for joining the 2 wires together again nothing thinner than the wire its self. so if using a bolt then it will have to be big (like m10 or m12). but the main problem here is making sure that how ever you join it it is insulated from earthing out on any thing.
  13. you should use as big a cable as possible for the battery + and - if you use the same as what is in the car you will end up with voltage drop over the distance you are now passing voltage. here is a table for example, i havent read the page but the table looks right. http://www.caraudiohelp.com/car_audio_wiring.html and the gen 6 is 14.5 feet nose to tail. you should be in the 105-125 range i would have thought so putting you in the min of 2gauge to 0gauge at the length of the car. (4gauge as standard) but going bigger is always better. not always easier, but better.
  14. What's this

    think you forgot to add a pic to the thread. i see nothing.
  15. Cold air feed pipe diameter

    sounds good as long as you are over the total area of 13273.2 then you should be fine. you can also adjust the hole sizes if you want and have them different as long as you end up with the same or more surface area.
  16. Cold air feed pipe diameter

    well the area of a 65mm circle is 13273.2 mm2 to equal this with 2 holes you need 46mm diameter = 13295.22 mm2 the choke point of any inlet should always be the throttle disc. if it is any smaller any were else in the system then you will never reach you top end peak performance.
  17. Cold air feed pipe diameter

    just remember that 2 30mm diameter pipes do not equal the same as one 60mm pipe. you should be looking at the size of the throttle body pipe and not be less than that in surface area or your flow will be down and no amount of cold air will make up for that.
  18. How much money have you spent on your Celica?

    this is one question that should never be asked. the amount of money spent is not important its the end result that counts. (plus all mods cost £10 or £50 for the bigger stuff, don't they? im sure that's what the girl friend/wife gets told by most ) don't really keep count to be honest but I do know that the body kit and paint was £2k-2.5k and the engine yet to be put in was some thing like £4k total, add to that the £800 for the car and then the rest of the stuff I would say £10k-15k and the mods haven't really started yet
  19. How long have you had your Celica?

    think you missed this post????
  20. you can clean the cat through as well with white spirit or petrol. for a short trip I wouldn't worry to much and just drive it. but that's me.
  21. Rattle Can Primer Advice Needed

    may tricks be mentioned before. make sure you shake it for way longer than you think you should (or the can says). put the cans in a bowl of warm water before shaking them up. keep the cans in warm water between coats. (if done in the say day). always use many thin coats. if you have the time and want the best result then spraying at a far enough distance that you only get a 50% total cover (so you can still see through the layer you just put on). then build the layers up every time its almost dry in the same way.
  22. keyless entry

    this the one you are thinking of? http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/23894-gen-5-info-add-your-general-info-keyless-entry-added/page-3 its gen 5 but should do the job.
  23. Happy Anniversary cooperman!

  24. CV boot banding tools.

    just use the nylon cable ties. not the little skinny plastic ones the ones that are about 18" long and about 10mm wide. never had a problem and a lot easier to use than the metal ones. as for grease you can wash the joint out with normal white spirit and most places sell it now as said above as cv grease.
  25. engine helps :)

    only ones i can think of is bek in the corp section or you could ask tcb and see if they have something.