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  1. Hi

    You have a pm



  2. Happy birthday for the 17th!

  3. Happy Birthday Bobo!

  4. Happy 2 Anniversary Bobo!

  5. I had mine wrapped and you could still see the peel through it. Also made the roof worse once I took it off and a professional did it. Might as well sort the lacquer peel out
  6. Duuuct taaaape does it need replacing if I've got a keyless entry kit going on?
  7. Not hi-Jacking your thread or anything but that does explain why I can only lock jello (my 5) on the passenger side too loL!
  8. they need a specific set of 5 spokes too Tom's ones and i happen to have a lovely set of them sat in the modcave
  9. I'm sure I saw that one near mine a few months back :/ lol!
  10. So putting it in an empty oil bottle and putting it in a bin liner in the bottom of the black bin is naughty?
  11. Modgod is out of action at the minute. He's taken to his armchair and black and white war films hehee!
  12. Challenge accepted I'll be back in a few weeks with the results
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