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Everything posted by G.Lewarne

  1. G.Lewarne

    Pre Winter Checks

    Best screenwash ive ever used was some German stuff from lidl. It didnt freeze when mixed 50% in all the snow and ice and dreadfullness we had last winter. Even the jets didnt freeze.
  2. cleaning out leaves and crap from inside airbox, dropped my air filter in a muddy puddle. Drove to local parts place without air filter (AWESOME SOUND!), Bought new air filter. Fitted in car park. tightening screw on old factory intake hose clamp finally stripped. Went back in shop. Bought two large jubilee clips. Fitted new jubilee clips to both ends of main intake pipe. Drove home. Had coffee. Realised I left my in-car socket set in shop car park. Drove back to shop car park. Found Socket Set. Drove home. Had coffee.
  3. New TPS sensor has much improved engine response. No more flat spot. Result !
  4. Fitted new Throttle Position Sensor (Blueprint). I am 98% certain this particular Blueprint part is an OEM Toyota part - the sensors look identical to every detail including casing moulding marks, cap colour and fitment, even the colour of the screw inserts. Not bad for 50 quid . Also cleaned throttle body - well I say cleaned but in reality it was still spotless after its thorough disassembly and rebuild last year. Re set ECU, then set my idle speed screw again (new TPS sensor changed the idle somewhat), then reset the ECU again. also vacuumed and cleaned the interior. Now the engine is cold gonna go give it a blast for ECU adaptation, then its done - every single sensor of consequence is now new on my engine - MAF - CTS - TPS - Pre Lambda - Post Lambda - Cam Position - Crank Position - VVTi OCV
  5. investigated the slight flat spot I have had the past week at the exact same throttle position - not engine speed dependant. Testing the resistance of the TPS as I rotate the throttle plate and there was a point where the resistance went WAY up and then all goofy. Henceforth, a new ADL Blueprint one is on the way Also replaced all my wipers with Bosch (standard), topped up the screenwash and thought about vacuuming the car, then didn't. Replaced all the rear light cluster bulbs because reasons, and finally got rid of the bird poop on the corner of the windscreen. Haven't washed the car in a while.
  6. G.Lewarne

    Tool kit

    I had my "situation" in my old Toyota MR2 - although they are reliable cars its important to remember - just how many bits of our cars are now aftermarket or old and have 150k+ miles on them? The problem I faced in my incident was a massive pothole which literally bent a droplink- which made the back end sit all twisted and being a rear scary-drive MR2 I had to fix - because it was unsafe. All I wanted to do was just disconnect the droplink and ziptie it up out the way - was extremely difficult to do at 1am in the pouring rain with essentially no tools. Lesson learned - I now carry tools.
  7. G.Lewarne

    Tool kit

    jump leads, cheap 3/8th socket set with everything up to 19mm, cheap spanner set with 8 to 19mm, phillips and flat screwdrivers, pliers, Bluetooth code reader, zip ties, 2 spare coil packs, 1 of each "important" spare bulb, some fuses, WD40 type spray, jack, wheel nut brace, the alloy nut key adapters, 1 spare spark plug in a box, and a spare serpentine belt. It all fits inside the spare wheel so doesn't take any extra room. Im good to go. Of note, no self-respecting Toyota drivers goes anywhere without some zip ties. Ive said this before - some may think this excessive. BUT - once you have been in a "stuck at the side of the road in rural wales at 1am in the pouring rain shouting MY KINGDOM FOR A 14mm SPANNER" situation you never want an experience that again to the best of your ability.
  8. G.Lewarne

    Pre Winter Checks

    Is that... a touch of "blueing" I see there on Deb's rear disc? She must drive it hard
  9. G.Lewarne

    Pre Winter Checks

    1) Lubricate Fuel Flap Hinges 2) Top up reservoir with winter screen-wash 3) Grease Locks 4) Replace Wipers 5) Check Tyres, including the spare, for tread depth/nails & screws/pressure (which will drop as the temperature falls) 6) Lubricate Brake Slider Pins with silicon grease 7) lubricate wiper arm hinges with some light machine oil and my new suggestion 8) disconnect battery, clean terminals and clamps, apply light smear of grease or Vaseline and reconnect
  10. G.Lewarne

    Pre Winter Checks

    1) Lubricate Fuel Flap Hinges 2) Top up reservoir with winter screen-wash 3) Grease Locks 4) Replace Wipers 5) Check Tyres for tread depth/nails & screws/pressure (which will drop as the temperature falls) 6) Lubricate Brake Slider Pins with silicon grease and I shall add.. 7) lubricate wiper arm hinges with some light machine oil
  11. G.Lewarne

    Headlight Aim?

    it shouldn't be that far out with just a bulb change. I did mine wrong the first time and I had one super high, reseated the bulb and back to normal
  12. G.Lewarne

    Headlight Aim?

    bulb is in wonky. Its quite tricky to seat them correctly in the holder if you don't take the whole headlight out - but it is possible
  13. G.Lewarne

    E10 fuel?

    putting 10% bioethanol in petrol
  14. Not a done to, but a done with.... Used my 7 to jump start our generator for our 500 attendee Outdoor Cinema event in the estate of a stately home. Terrible movie (greatest showman), but the 480 ladies attending loved it. Pretty much maxed out our enormous soundsystem and gained some temporary deafness. Awesome night. wouldn't have happened if I didn't have my jump leads and a willing battery
  15. Replaced smashed up rear light custer with replacement from AMS, and properly secured fuel tank exhaust heat shield with proper machine screws and washers in prep for today's MOT. Heat shields are a thing for the MOT now, so check yours. Its only the "Fire Risk" ones such as manifold, cat and fuel tank shields.
  16. G.Lewarne

    Painting Replacement Brake Calipers

    You can get clear coat VHT
  17. So just over a year ago I completed a front end rebuild comprising, amongst other things a new set of KYB shocks - purchased from an online supplier of reasonable reputation I recently went over a crater on the M5 at 70 mph and damaged my passenger side shock (blew the seal). So, to be thorough I bought another pair of KYBs from my trusted local supplier which were sourced right from KYB uk. Imagine my surprise on extracting said blown shock and finding a totally different brand under the KYB Excel-G sticker - they are actually "Optimal" made shocks which seem to come from china and are the same basic make as most of the cheapo "rebranded" shocks out there. I guess faking the KYB sticker and box wasn't difficult..... don't ever buy Optimal shocks. even the one on the undamaged side was totally fecked after just 1 year. 10mm free play up/down on the piston, squeaky seals, virtually no rebound pressure left, hard and soft parts along the stroke -oh, and rusty too. I am usually very diligent when I source critical parts, but this time I was caught out and thought I would share the experience. ps - with genuine KYBs at the front now and known genuine KYBs at the back it doesn't half ride stiffer ! its like its on rails
  18. I got the same ones, they feel pretty nice. Rubber, not plastic. Definitely felt firmer than the shagged ones I took off. fit perfect, no issues with them. Got the same upper isolater/shock boot as well - 1.5 years on and no tears or perishing
  19. its all a conspiracy!
  20. honestly reboxing rebranding and/or faking is getting so prevalent now I basically avoid critical parts coming from eBay or overseas companies. I now only buy any super critical "holds my wheel on or slows me down" stuff from a couple local motor factors - and even then im choosy with the brand of part if there is a choice. you can inspect them on the premises and there are humans there if you have a problem. Most of the time its only a few quid more. Im not sure about checking the rear shocks as I know mine are genuine (saw the KYB van drop them off to my local depot)
  21. are you ever gonna read my PM ?   :P


    1. Crazy Cat Lady

      Crazy Cat Lady

      Hi Gavin


      confused dot com here


      i have no notification of a recent PM from you, the latest is 19 June? [which i've replied to]


      > insert head scratching confused looking emoticon here <


      Unless you've sent it to someone else by mistake?  :lol:


    2. G.Lewarne


      a-ha!   I sent it to CrazyCatLady (without spaces) which must be someone else

  22. G.Lewarne

    Bug splatter

    not sure whats worse, the bug splatter or the jiggalo number plate
  23. I finished my super cheap (maybe 10 quid) and super lightweight (about 3kg total) "sound proofing" in the rear cabin and boot area today Totally pleased with the results, quieter than my friends lexus now even the exhaust is quieter in the cabin. I await confirmation from another member before I post details.
  24. that thing is a pain in the ass I resorted to bending the edges of it over the fuel tank lip with some pliers to keep it in place. Seems to have held fine for a year