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  1. Peter_7

    your plans for over winter ?

    So many jobs and plans its hard to know where to start, The celica needs the exhaust manifold sorting out and the constantly growing list of jobs to keep the R/rover running never seems to shorten what ever I do to it . I could dream about making a start on the old supra but that will never happen then there's our lads celica daily / track car which seems to take more of my timee than all of my motors put together. Then at some point we will have his skyline return from the bodyshop so we can start to get through the mountain of parts he's been collecting that are taking up way to much shed space but will take first place on the list of jobs to do so I can get in my bloody shed again and crack on with my own jobs
  2. Peter_7

    Petrol prices :(

    Never really bothered which fuel I put in as I don't use the Tsport much but if it runs ok on cheap shit it will do me. Still struggle to get my head round why the cheapest car I have to run is a 4.6lt Rangerover for a daily driver O hang on could be 52p a liter for Lpg + a V8 roar every time I floor it.
  3. Going down the BBk road will leave you with the same problem you'll still be using the same master cly. My son fitted Avensis and got the improvement but had to try to better it by going for Willwoods massive disk with huge 6 pot calipers and found the benefits were out weighed by the drawbacks. They are no better till they're warmed up which takes age's and short journeys or town driving means that an't going to happen best suited to track days etc and the little std master cly won't move enough fluid so 2/3rds of the peddle travel is used up before they start to bite but when they do they bite like a bitch. Try fitting a brake stopper to prevent flexing of the master cly and the bulk head you will be surprised how much movement there is get a helper to work the peddle while you watch the master cly and you will see what I mean.
  4. Had to use the 7 as a daily run about seeing as the Range rover failed its mot on track rods and the need for welding. took a run to Wirksworth to pick up parts and while driving down a narrow side road saw a green gen7 rare as hens teeth and I want it but will probably never see one again.
  5. Think I used petrol or some solvent I got from work then flushed it out with carb cleaner but it still looks crap so don't get too upset about it because its stained for life.
  6. Peter_7

    A 2017 review of the Gen7!

    If you were listening to the intro the car belongs to a production crew member so it was a case of using what was at hand.
  7. Peter_7

    Gen 7 windscreen

    £90 excess, just want to make sure their a decent company and not some 3rd party botch artist.
  8. Peter_7

    Gen 7 windscreen

    Hi all it looks like we need to replace the screen on my sons GT. He is insured by Highway thru Adrian Flux and his paperwork states he must use Highway Glassline or they will only pay £100. It would appear after some net surfing they are part of Autoglass as we have an Autoglass a few miles away this would be better. Q1 Has anyone had dealings with this company. Q2 Has anyone had a Gen7 screen replaced recently.
  9. Not touched my own for a few days but did get the chance to play with a Gen6. Went to look at a lads st202 which wouldn't start. When we pulled the plug caps off they'd got oil on the end had a look down the plug well and all 4 were almost submerged in oil with just the top peeking out. After trying to soak up the oil with rags I bit the bullet and pulled them out letting most of the oil drop into the cylinder, cleaned up the plugs, cleaned out the caps with wd40 then spun it over to the sight of clouds of oil mist pumping out the plug hole's. Plugs back in fingers crossed here we go ----------------- Battery's now almost dead jump leads onto the Range rover try again after 4 attempts it fired in to life with enough blue smoke to blanket the neighborhood which cleared by the time all 4 were firing. After explaining where the oil had come from and why it wouldn't run he pulled out the boot a camcover gasket set to which he said "He gave me this when I brought it" and he never thought to ask why he'd brought it well we know now. When the weather picks up we'll change it until then he just needs to keep an eye on his oil level in the plug wells.
  10. Peter_7

    Is anyone looking for a Gen 7 GT?

    Thats not what I'd call high mileage hardly run in yet and yes dealers do harp on about how rare they are when they bump the price up.
  11. Peter_7

    Issues with rear coilovers

    Wish I could make it sound so professional yet simply that even a half wit like me can clearly get it.
  12. Peter_7

    Issues with rear coilovers

    He's right you know did you measure the wheel arch height from the ground before and after cus you probably dropped it 10 or 15mm adjusting the preload will affect the ride height .
  13. Thought I would try my new jet wash out so after giving the RR a seeing to turn to the celica at which point it started to snow. What to do cars covered in foam and snow and its still falling out the sky......... sod it change nozzle blast the snow off and carry on cus as I tell me son thats what car guys do only wimps duck out at a bit of weather.
  14. Peter_7

    Rust Killing Paints

    Buying and stripping a spare rear sub for the lads Tsport was the best and easiest option. After stripping it down burnt out the old bushes, sand blasted ever thing a good coat of zinc 152 then black hammerite. let it set a few days fit the polybush kit and it took less than an hour to swap job done. I personally believe you can't beat sand blasting to remove all the old paint and rust back to a bare bones virgin surface you only got yourself to blame if it rust again cus you didn't paint it well enough. Never been a fan of these rust killer / converters if they were any good don't you think they would have dragged the Titanic up give it a coat and shouted look its like new. Would have been the best advert ever.
  15. Happy Birthday Peter_7!