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  1. Hi every one many thanks for you help old red has helped me to load plcs to go with my thread as you asked for from digs does this help you and again please call me if it will help 








  2. Below leaning 

  3. Mary’s helper on my hair


  4. Hi spaff did u find out what was giving you problems when I met you at stonefly jap show you had concerns re new electrical item you had fitted Roy 

    1. Spaff


      Hi Roy how's things? Not sure yet seems to be a fuel issue - in the process of changing fuel pump and rewiring to battery. Going to check all lines for pressure loss and go from there. Small chance it is an electrical gremlin too as injector pulse was a little bit wobbly but fingers crossed nothing else :)

    2. Roy B M

      Roy B M

      Hi spaff hm yes these sort of problems very hard to pin point if I can be of any help I have various test kit for fuel problems and also electronic test for injection problems so if that would help come over and use the kit if that will help you 

  5. Hi the new meet could be interesting I may go to that if the weather is reasonable see how the wealthy live around their any way apart from that a word of warning .....make sure the part will fit .....

    on Thursday a chap turned up at my workshop in a Mitsubishi 4x4 considerably pead of as the engine kept cutting out so could I fix the problem well after my interrogation of the events I targeted a fuel problem and the need for a new fuel filter he agreed and ask could I do the job that evening and he would call back around nine  or the next morning I said I could do that he went away and left me to if.  I moved the vehicle to the work shop entrance in the door way removing various parts to get at the filter buried on the bulk head after considerable difficulties disconnecting several sensors plugs I removed the filter what a sight the filter looked as covered in black sticky grease probably the worst I have ever seen Out of many I have changed.

    so to my stores and select a filter to fit undo the box io dear the wrong filter it should be correct according to the part number now I’m in trouble can’t fit the filter can’t start the engine vehicle stuck in the door way can’t shut the doors and it’s now about eight starting to get dark very soon , well something had to be done leaving the doors open all night would have invited a mass clearance my equipment etc I tried to push the vehicle about two and a half ton no that did not work called the wife explained my delirium she asked what I thought she could do about it um help me not happy she was in fact cocking dinner any way she did come and was not very complementary to the parts supplies well we pushed the vehicle to the ramp run up but that was it still can’t shut the doors inspirational comes to mind can I find the old turfer winch I have somewhere if I can it would pull it up onto the ramp this is a manual leaver operated winch it does the job but not without considerable effort by the operator well after a lot of pushing and pulling of the leaver the vehicle was on the ramp now the only problem was I needed resuscitation and rest now my wife reminded me the time was near ten pm now shut up lock up put the alarms on and go home,  what a job so always make sure the part fits before you take the vehicle to bits 

  6. Hi Cornish lass your lacquer problem having painted many cars in my time this what I would do remove any flaking lacquer around the area affected get some wet and dry rubbing down paper grit number 600,800 and 1000 three or four sheets a tube of medium burnishing compound and a rubbing block a reel of say 1 inch masking tape and paper for masking the areas you do not need to repaint you could either use a strong de waxing detergent or better still a de wax fluid and a good quality lacquer aerosol say about 500 size depends on area to cover . All this you should be able to get from a motorist stores, now the job part have a look on utube for methodology of the work for your knowledge but this what I would do thoroughly wash the whole area hard or treat the area with de wax solution, now select the 600 grit paper and some normal soap gently flat the lacquer on the good part of the area the lacquer will appear as a white residue on the rubbing paper do not rub through the good lacquer just remove a fine skin to the edge of the affected part now start to use the 800 grit paper and repeat the the process again lightly wash of often and dry off to see the results you would need to have about six inches rubbing down area all around the affected parts he finish you will see is a dull but very smooth area. Now use the 1000 grit and rub all of the area good and affected part carefully you are aiming to blend any edges in to each other but do not rub though the paint colour, now mask the area be aware of the air temp it needs to be a sunny day say around 20 plus degrees if any humidity no good the lacquer will dry milky looking so dry warm air is required to paint as you are out side, now start spraying the affected area first applying several coats the idear is to build up the affected area to match the good area in depth of lacquer be watching for flys in it and any dust if you do get any amount let lacquer dry and rub down with 800 grit and soap to remove the contamination, now for the finish coating before final coating clean entire area wash gently and dry thoroughly now again start by spraying the affected area and start to extend the spraying area out onto the good area applying 3 to 5 coats now leave to dry completely say around two days in warm weather. You can now rub the entire area with soap and 1000 grit this should produce a dull looking finish very smooth and clean after this use the compound and burnish the whole area to bring it up to a glossy finish then polish and the repainted area should blend in with each other hope the above helps you it’s a lengthy process but you can do it yourself a word of advice practice spraying from a aerosol to get some idea on coverage and use and use light coats to avoid getting runs don’t put to heavy coats on in one go light and many with flash of time between coats read the can for info.
  7. Hi sonic on the subject of events this year have you and the club ever been to motor sport at the palace I went to the last event it was very interesting it is a track run against the clock as well as a show I think there are club members who may well be interested in taking part in the competition it is run by Sevenoaks and district motor club the competitors are individuals so l thought we could get in the competition it’s on May 26 I have in fact emailed the chairman to enquire about it any comments. 

  8. Welcome to Celica Club UK Roy B M :)

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