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  1. Filled up again today £1.35.9, last week was £1.32.9 (this is vpower) Looks like I'm switching to regular unleaded
  2. , I used to run on regular along time ago and I always thought it was sluggish, maybe its all in my head
  3. Anyone noticing the petrol prices shooting up? I always put vpower in my celica, however I'm seriously reconsidering, it gone from £1.25 to £1.27, then last week I paid £1.30 and today its £1.32.9. I know the margins are small in the last view increases, however its the principle, does anyone use normal unleaded in there vvtli's? does the car run fine and smooth? I've always stuck with vpower just because my car runs smoother on it Anyway, just having a bit of a rant Darren
  4. Happy 10 Anniversary GTDAZ!

  5. geraintthomas, Wow, them brakes look awesome, have you had them powder coated or did they come yellow? What's the difference like over the standard setup?
  6. Happy 1 Anniversary Ragman21!

  7. Happy 9 Anniversary GTDAZ!

  8. Happy Anniversary l_plate61!

  9. Happy Anniversary Englen!

  10. Happy Anniversary Gt Matt!

  11. Happy Anniversary garrydn1!

  12. Happy Anniversary GTDAZ!

  13. Happy Anniversary Englen!

  14. Happy Anniversary garrydn1!

  15. Happy Anniversary GTDAZ!

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