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  1. How come? Other than the obvious potential fuel left in, but surely a proper swirl around with some kind of solution and heat dried out would eliminate that risk..?
  2. This may be excessive, but, if you know a good welder... Have someone cut it open and do a full on inspection (obviously needs to be a good welder to prevent crap welds and thus leaky holes.) Id also then be half tempted to get it hot dip galvanised (block allllllll holes off but ensure whatever used to block it off with, can be easily removed) then you're set until you're old and in nappies again Have often thought about it myself, but, for the moment, it's a luxury than a necessity-and no space to store a tank!
  3. I can barely read that let alone know how to pronounce a backwards e and backwards 3
  4. Just realised today it's also on the sainsbury's pumps too
  5. Just been googling about these cancelled purchases, and came across this: "Another increasingly common tactic is for foreign "sellers" to use eBay to collect personal information. You buy from a fake listing, pay, then seller cancels the order with a lame excuse. Once they have your paypal user name, then they can narrow down the amount of tries to hack it, needing only a password, not both data. I even had this occur with the same "seller" twice in a row. I reported it, but like many other problems, eBay employees are too busy tooting their own horn to care." Might be worth increasing the strength of your paypal pw just for safety...?
  6. Out of interest, was it coming from China? Or perhaps that's irrelevant... But I'd recently ordered something from ebay, and also had the seller cancel and refund me, stating the reason as 'seller asked to cancel'. I also felt this was odd, questioned it, and the exact same thing as you... They said they'd rancout of stock. Yet they still had the listing up showing as in stock. People usually change the price to ridiculously high when they run out of stock but don't want to remove the listing. I'm wondering if there is some sort of new way of getting peoples emails/name/address/details by doing this in order to start a scam. Or to try and use those details to set up false accounts or something. Either way, I'm now extremely paranoid there is more to this than a simple 'out of stock' issue.
  7. I'd be concerned if it did affect people with diesel Toyotas But what I don't understand is, why does it affect 97 and before, but not 98 onwards? What was changed in 98 year celicas over 97 and before? Was there some legislation that made them use different materials or something? It sounds almost like they're just giving a blanket statement year just to be safe and keep it simple... Could be my ignorance though...
  8. Soo.... Is it only the engine it affects? Or potentially fuel pumps in the fuel tanks too?
  9. I just find it hard to see the 86 as anything but already a gen8 celica... I get that it's meant to be after the old ae86... But... It just seems soooo much like how a gen8 celica should have been... OK, the engine is questionable but it is what it is. Just disappointed the gr86 isn't turbo'd. Such a small ask for a car nowadays given soooo many have them, I guess they're concerned it could be close to stepping on the Supra's toes...
  10. That carpet after being left with dents of all that weight of nice shiny new brakes on it?
  11. Just watched that YouTube link all the way through... He takes great care, I'll be doing that before jae!
  12. Update: On the concrete between the rear end of the white gen6 gt4 and the dark blue gen7!
  13. Usually somewhere on the right due to right thumb bias, if it's pc/laptop, nowhere specific that I'm aware of, but now I'll be paying more attention!
  14. Turns out it's possible my colour scheme wasn't inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Grandsport after all...
  15. You can send off your drive shaft to get refurbished, and it should come back with a brand new rubber on it. I do believe it is for anti vibration damping. I'd rather have it than not.
  16. Ooooohhhh! Some reason I assumed it was a 190, I keep forgetting the 140 is also a 1.8
  17. Where's this turbo though? 230 seems tiny gains for a turbo too.
  18. I didn't think there was anything to debate there? Just messing of course
  19. Or maybe it was karma for owning a gen7 and not the beautifully perfectly shaped gen6
  20. Mines swaped the wrong way round though, it has worse cruising speed etc, may as well not have it its so similar to 4th gear...
  21. Just wondering what year the e56 was first used on the celica/mr2? (Apparantly it was on (some?) n/a MR2's) I have an issue and finding this out might help narrow down what year my e153 gearbox is. It has an incorrect ratio gear 5 in it. Which means it's had one from a different compatible gearbox. What I've kinda managed to discern is that it's a 0.82 ratio, which fits perfectly with an e56 5th gear ratio. E153s had different internals from 89-92 compared to 93 onwards, so I need to know which ones are in it, hopefully without having to take it apart first...
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