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  1. It varies as there's no official definitions: https://www.torquecars.com/tuning/tuning-stages.php
  2. If you are looking to get sell them, I can see two trains of thought: Sell with the very clear disclaimer that they need some work and may not be safe as is, or; For safety's sake, fix them knowing it will most likely not be very profitable. In the latter case, you might get more money in total by scrapping them. Dunno, get a quote.
  3. They look round-ish to me? https://www.liveabout.com/wheel-straightening-3234509
  4. Equally having a car just sat there doesn't make much sense either.
  5. Well, you are an expert on small things.
  6. Did you check the geography of the British Isles lately?
  7. Celica owners are weird like that. Subaru owners would never do such a thing.
  8. An NVIDIA 2070. Spent the last two days trying to update Windows 10 to a point where I can even install the sodding drivers.
  9. I'd always prefer to buy on condition rather than mileage. The GT4 I had managed nearly 200k and was still a great example and that's with a turbo and 4WD. But as above, I'd not get an AT200, I'd go for an ST202 instead. The extra 200cc buys you more power, more reliability and when driven somewhat carefully will deliver the same mpg.
  10. Just the essentials.. Like an air compressor, air tools, portable hydraulic lift, and a less than 5' mechanic.
  11. What kind of Back to the Future shit is that?
  12. Sounds like the sort of thing that could break a friendship if it goes pear shaped. I mean, do you have the same definition of running costs for starters? Seeing as it's your car, could you forgive him if he totals it? But then again, maybe I'm just cynical..
  13. Personally I wouldn't use that on a bicycle chain. I used to use Finish Line ceramic wet lubes which last a while but have a bit more friction overall. I've since switched to Finish Line Dry. It's a bit more high maintenance in that it doesn't outlast a rain shower and requires reapplying much more frequently but the upside is a smoother chain action. Neither of those leave a white residue.
  14. Lubricant selection is important, as always. WD40 is convenient but it requires frequent reapplying as it's a very thin - which is what makes it penetrate well - it won't give long lasting satisfaction. Similarly, grease is known to collect dirt, so you may actually shorten the lifetime of your lock. You want to disperse water as that's what makes a lock seize, but avoid dirt collection. So you can use a PTFE based lubricant like this special version of WD40. Maybe you should address all of those. Doesn't sound like your car is road worthy.
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