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  1. I’d buy it tomorrow if it wasn’t the other end of the country from me. As Ams said if I could bump it and hear it run I’d take it away. This cars on the wall at the Toyota training centre. Definitely a GT, Parker’s used it for there review. https://www.parkers.co.uk/toyota/celica/coupe-1999/18-vvtli-gt-3d-(sunroof)/specs/
  2. In retrospect adding a clear ppf would have helped, but at a quarter of the value of the car is it really worth it vs getting it repainted? It’s a shame cars get bumped so often in car parks.
  3. I’m going to have to agree and disagree. the front bumper, bonnet and windscreen of my celica is ruined from 7 years of motorway driving. Full of stone chips, pitting on the glass and I’ve put 3 front plates on it due to cracking. It did do 20K+ for 3 years running so it’s fair wear in my eyes. Hence me buying a ‘daily’ car that I don’t care about so I can swap the celica for something better than can be kept tidy...but on the other hand, the underside of mine is in pretty good shape for 200k. Far better condition than some 50-60k cars Ive had in work. Hardly any corrosion
  4. I don’t think mileage can be used to determine a ‘daily’ for the last 3 years I’ve had a ‘daily’ car, that cars changed 7 times but they’ve all been more comfortable and economical to run, hence them being used to sit in traffic on cold winter mornings or heading out to ride somewhere that I can leave it in a forest and not worry about it. They’ve all done 8-10k a year. my celica is just a car I use on the weekends now, which is still doing 8-10k a year, it’s the time I want to be out and about so the mileage adds up. do I need the celica? No, it is worth selling? Not r
  5. I run H&R 10mm rear spacers with longer studs. They are like you said slip on with the centre bore to locate the wheel. I no a lot of people who run with the wheel just located on the studs but personally i like you know the wheel locates correctly.
  6. I had the exact thing happen years ago on a bonnet I painted. He called it crows feet. i asked the painters in work what had gone wrong and told me it’s normally from not mixing enough, wrong ratio or applying the 2nd coat before the 1st has flashed. i Took it down with 600 on a DA and started again, again I was painting in my garage not a booth. Although it was only a bonnet I was gutted, I couldn’t imagine a whole car!
  7. I’d say so! A friend has a greddy lip and recently took it off to repaint it and it’s the same as mine. Not a big deal for me, the amount of stone chips mean it would need painting anyway but still a bummer. It’s rubber through the paint around the fog lights too!
  8. I’m not. When the wheels came from japan they came with 225/45/17’s so they filled the arches a little more. Then I dropped to 215. I was never really concerned with the ‘stance’ aspect more what felt the best on the road. they never looked ‘sunk’ in the arches though in my opinion.
  9. I’ve ran multiple sets of wheels on my celica over the years both 17” and 18” for me personally my wedssports 17x8 et34 with a 215 just worked right.
  10. I don’t use mine anymore really but I gave i treated it to a polish! The front end is ruined with stone chips and scratched from the C-one lip that once lived on it.
  11. I have a mark in the exact same place on the front bumper. I’ve actually given the celica a wash for the first time since around September. The paint work really is showing it’s age and mileage unfortunately.
  12. I checked with parts today, it’s not showing available with us.
  13. At least toyota put a orange <fuel door on the cluster. my Audi doesn’t have anything and I’m often dragging the pump across the roof rails
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