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  1. I checked with parts today, it’s not showing available with us.
  2. At least toyota put a orange <fuel door on the cluster. my Audi doesn’t have anything and I’m often dragging the pump across the roof rails
  3. I can enquire tomorrow if I get a spare 5 minutes
  4. I hope you used the service discount, 1Penny for 5L of oil!
  5. My celicas always been great in the snow, I’ve never gotten it stuck or missed a days work. Light, no traction control and a great handbrake. ive just picked up a set of A3 16” wheels to fit my winter tyres on, there some cheap wintraxx or something I bought 3 years ago. Used them on the celica through the snow and will do the same on the A4 with Quattro this year, I’m hoping it’ll be a little more fun with some AWD action. if it’s unless I’ll go back to the celica lol
  6. Unfortunately that true, I’ve been a tester for a few years in 3 different dealers, I’ve worked with people who will ‘fail’ a car unless X Y Z is upsold. Completely unfair
  7. If it’s insecure or likely to become disattachted it’ll fail. If it’s still fitted but just rattling it’ll pass. If it’s removed it’ll pass as long as it’s not a heat shield on a fuel tank.
  8. Does the sun strip effect the drivers view of the road? Ie me at 6’2 sitting in the car looking straight head will it effect my view? Is it a solid colour, not transparent? Would fitting smaller wipers effect the swept area again effecting the drivers view of the road? Measuring the wiper blades will not be part of the test, as a tester myself I have no idea what size wipers should be fitted to every car I’ve tested. Neither does it list a size for any cars. Truth be told I wouldn’t even think to measure the blades if I was happy that it clearing a good enough section of the screen. The only test to be done on a wiper blade is does it clear the screen, yes, is it secure, yes, does it leave a good field of vision clean, yes, then it’ll pass. I wouldn’t care if you fitted 10” wipers, as long as I can see enough to be sure that your vision isn’t compromised. Neither do I care if the wipers split, as long as it’s secure and clearing. You don’t even need to run your finger down the blade. The test isn’t to fail the car, I don’t go looking for failures, I test every car to make sure it’s safe, if it isn’t then it shouldn’t be on the road. Also so don’t forget a lot of the test is down to the testers opinion, yes there’s set limits for certain things, but things like play in joint, what one jobs worth thinks is a failure could if the DVSA inspect the car be deemed it as a pass and advise. I was always told that if I was ever in doubt to pass and advise it, if I’ve told you something ain’t quite right and you ignore it and crash, it’s on you. MOT standards are very low standards. You can read all the standards in sections 3 of the mot manual, it’s on the .gov website and anybody can view it. Oh but I’d remove the tint on the headlight if it effect the light output colour lol
  9. I always deal in cash in places like that, just to protected myself haha! They’ve replied saying they can do both sets in a day if I take the bare wheels which isn’t a problem. I can pop the tyres off in work, I just need to book a day off and find something to do all day in birmingham.
  10. I’ve sent them an email, £30 a wheel same day! Ive got some standard celica wheels spare I could with using as mine are peeling bad and the st needs a refurb from curbing! For those prices it’s worth a day trip to Birmingham! I had my wedssports done in Cardiff, £760 for Straightening and refurb, came back like brand new but bloody expensive!
  11. Happy days! Well not really but At least you got it sorted!
  12. These, https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/summer-essentials/car-accessories/summer-essentials-deals/?553981060&0&cc5_1055&type=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwt_nmBRD0ARIsAJYs6o2otwH0oiaB18dxxjhDiiKrnXXXq_0Vnyr2k6IoyBRo3gDkPOZ1XLwaAj5nEALw_wcB don’t buy anything else, I’ve got the claw, the straps, chains, fabric wrap all fit some kind of car, the pliers just fit everything. I’ve used mine for the last 6/7 years everyday and still rave about them to anybody who’s joined our workshop and doesn’t have a set.
  13. Mine did that years ago, I stopped on a hill and the handbrake light didn’t go out when I went to pull away. I found the caliper seal leaking on the rear.
  14. After market exhaust, it doesn’t have the larger silencer like the OEM back box.
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