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  1. Sent you a whatsapp, I've always wanted a set of these and have a decent wheel place in the town here :-)
  2. Maybe put in the "cars for breaking" or "car parts" section? Just a thought...
  3. This just makes me think of Motorhub. Definitely something dodgy there XD
  4. Really well put, totally agree with this! Seems companies are happy to dish a load of power into hot hatches, but not into coupes. Shame really.
  5. That's about to change, the new Yaris GRMN looks like the real deal and the specs are decent.
  6. "The development code of this vehicle is 086A[4] and its main production names 86 (pronounced "eight-six" or Hachi-Roku (ハチロク) in Japanese, but more commonly pronounced as "eighty-six") or GT86, reference historic Toyota front-engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupés and hatchbacks, in the form of: the 1967 2000GT (Japan's seminal fastback coupé whose design cues adorn the 86 and which was also powered by a 2.0-litre engine); and the 1983 to 1987 AE86 range (renowned for its handling and drifting abilities). Toyota also referenced to its first sports car, the Sports 800, gi
  7. I always feel a bit sorry for the 86, gets so much grief and seems people have COMPLETELY missed the point as to what it's about. It's a nod back to the old 86 from the 80s, low power but amazing balance/handing and super fun to drive. The handling is on another level to the Gen 7. Not really sure why people bring speed to the equation either, both cars are slow (stock). No one buys a Celica/86 for speed, so many cheaper/same price options with vastly more power and "speed". It's all about the character, nothing beats our cars for that! Obviously at current prices you get a lot
  8. Is there anything that can be done to change the final drive on a 190 box?
  9. THIS^ Not sure why anyone would buy a 140 now when a 190 is about the same price.
  10. Remind me to never bring you along when going to see a new car then! Sounds like you managed to buy a proper dud.
  11. Around me I just leave stuff out the front of my house and they always disappear. Do you get any rag and bone trucks drive around you? Otherwise you can probably go to the tip?
  12. In answer to your question, someone that couldn't afford a Supra. I went there ;-) (Waiting for the tide of butt hurt). In all seriousness they are all so different. Gen 7s seem to attract the younger lot, Gen 1s the rich lot, GT4s WRC fans and then all of the old Gran Turismo fanboys from the 90's with Gen 6s. (Look at me stereotype)! I'm 27, work for a video games company and should probably "fit" into the Gen 7 category, though I listen to Phil Collins and think I'm Crockett from Miami Vice in my Gen 5, so... What I really like about the club is the va
  13. Happy 1 Anniversary EasyRight89!

  14. 7k gets you an immaculate ST205 or ST185 CS, with change to spare. Or a 190 with loads spare to mod it to shit. It can also get you a decent Evo or Scoob, so it's just silly money.
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