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  1. arizona

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Higher mileage but well looked after better than lower and not well looked after. They like to be driven too. Would keep to 2.0 ltr gen 6 gt over the 1.8 st as they can start suffering the oil burn death, the gt is pretty much able to take anything you want to throw at it and is a well built car. Gen 7 steer clear of early 140's but otherwise not really any personal experience of them. Will say though mileage indicators are helpful with some things like clutch approx 90,000 and cambelt etc you can get one a bit higher which has had the first ones done
  2. Got mine this morning and just enjoyed having a look through it, great job and lovely touch doing the memorial page
  3. Yes we ended up with 2 in the same house that year
  4. I'll check , he might not realised they're available to yet
  5. Looking forward to seeing these, thanks everyone who made it happen I'm banned from buying anything pre christmas in case Ken has already ordered and i have a feeling this could one
  6. Yes, i think i remember the guy at the mot place saying wider at back not front, as well as saying larger diameter to rear not front
  7. As far as i know the larger wheel diameter on the rear is fine, a previous gen 6 Celica of mine had 15's on front, 16's at rear and drove fine, was also fine through an mot. Tester said yep its fine as long as bigger are on the rear and they arent different from side to side Its only use same all round if got 4wd so i couldnt do it on the 185
  8. arizona

    Gen 5 seats

  9. arizona

    Chrome Scuff/kick plates oem part numbers

    pm'd you Fuppylodders
  10. E Enjoying a narrow mountain road between Bala and Lake Vyrnwy
  11. Drove it and drove it
  12. Fitted a couple of new rear lights to the 185 as both mine were cracked, though now i have a strange issue and when put the lights on there are two lights lighting up on one side, just off out to investigate oh and new number plates, again old ones cracked mot soon i hope
  13. arizona

    Met up with Jeffers-1 today

    Look great, see you in a few weeks at the Chainbridge
  14. arizona

    Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    Would probably get some proper legal advice , I know sometimes repo cars end up in auctions but it could open up a can of worms if some of those cars arent his..
  15. arizona

    Unplugging negative on battery ?

    I used to do this when not using the vert so much in the winter
  16. arizona

    Air-Lock(s) is Coolant System

    No expert but when i first got my gen 5 it the needle would climb when i was stopped at junctions etc and then go back towards normal as soon as got driving, this was the thermostat sticking and a new one solved that Heater matrix know nothing about but there's something up there and it may well be contributing Sounds like it could do with a good look over
  17. What Ams said above, esp the under the rear seat thing and dont keep any bottles of liquid in the car as that doesnt help a sock with some crystal cat litter in it with the top tied is better than rice
  18. arizona

    Selling a car... Test drives?

    What i've done in the past is take them for a test drive with me driving to show them what it can do, then once back and peel their fingers off the dash let them have a little sedate drive round the block with me in the passenger side so long as their insurance covers them to drive another car not owned by them, and i ask them to bring proof. Usually they are covered on someone elses car but only third party so it is a risk you take or get them to sign something saying they'll buy it if they break it . If someone has fully comp ins it still only covers third party on a vehicle not owned by them
  19. Mine wasnt on a Celica but a brand new VW Van had just put a new elevating roof, windows, heating, full camping conversion in and it was ready to go to the customer. Decided to test the new conversion before they collected it, they knew it was being tested. Up in the windy roads of Highlands on a hairpin met someone the other way and though only touched ended up with a fair size dent in the sliding door, no paint damage. Took door panel off at side of road, pushed and dent popped out but wouldnt stay. To this day it probably still has the piece of wood i found to keep it pushed out behind the trim panel
  20. arizona

    Chrome Scuff/kick plates oem part numbers

    They're not just happened to be out there from the shed that day that the part number was asked for. They're likely to be going in the car but if i did decide to sell Fuppylodders would have first refusal Unfortunately they aren't available now from Toyota
  21. arizona

    Chrome Scuff/kick plates oem part numbers

    They are only for gen 6's
  22. arizona

    Chrome Scuff/kick plates oem part numbers

    Just happen to have a set laying on the picnic bench outside the back door
  23. Love the pic Cipprio, great day eh just been looking through mine
  24. It did look a bit chain mail Freeman Liking this better