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  1. It is going to the other thing is seagull crap, that stuff is evil and eats into your paint if you leave it on there. My old mate moved to Dawlish many years back taking her prized black Fiesta XR2 with her, seeing it 6/8 months later was quite shocking
  2. Good luck, mine wouldnt do it this time of year
  3. It's difficult to put a max price on their website i would think as it varies so much with how much work needs doing on the prep But, I am surprised at any garage doing this work or suggesting this work be done at this time of the year. It needs a good long spell of dry weather previously to be sure of there being no moisture trapped
  4. My fifth gen looks better than that underneath That price isnt a surprise to me, it certainly would need a lot of prep work
  5. I think you might have to tell the missus it's £20
  6. Doesnt seem like long since he got it, i'd think that's a bit steep with needing a clutch and the third gear issue etc, when'd it last have cambelt done? What did he pay for it?
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Driveway-Curb-Ramps/s?k=Driveway+Curb+Ramps
  8. It's best one I've used and will buy again
  9. https://news.surrey.police.uk/news/crime-prevention-advice-issued-following-spate-of-catalytic-converter-thefts-from-vehicles-378447?fbclid=IwAR2v1vqn1vVtkKp2JnkvzE3Q4dH1dfJmnKB7NuNWCk3_G_8aB4Qx5CZml_c
  10. If anyone is out in your road stealing them there's little to no chance they'll be interested in yours
  11. Been a number of them around here, mostly 4 x 4 vehicles, think as higher off the ground. Parked in drives or outside houses and no one heard anything. Even some done in hospital car parks during the day in some places in Surrey!
  12. Thank you Arizona. I'll check out the website and buzz them tomorrow.

    Cheers, Ruby..

  13. My first GT suffered this , had a couple of patches on the roof and there wasnt really an answer to it other than going down the respray route when i was looking. The other alternative which i may have done as a temp solution was to wrap the roof, just to make it look a bit neater, i was just going to do it black and save for proper paintjob - unfortunately it soon after failed mot and got sold for spares so i never did it
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