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  1. Hi guys , anyone know of any gen 7s breaking around west Yorkshire, seen some on eBay but not getting a response yet I'm after a passenger side wheel hub hopefully near enough for me to collect I'm on the border of Leeds and Bradford
  2. Cheers , bought this yesterday for weekend use
  3. Hi guys. Not been here for a while. Just picked up a black gen 7 and wanting to get the coloured infills for the boot ,. Who's doing em these days
  4. javascript: has any one used this type of chrome foil tape, tried doing a copy paste but not sure it worked is it any good if you have used it javascript:;
  5. hi ams,  have u seen my post 'end of the road',  would you be interested in this or could you give me an idea what I should advertise I for



  6. Happy Birthday razor2812!

  7. Happy 4 Anniversary razor2812!

  8. is mileage stored on the odometer or the ecu? if I swap out my dials will mileage stay with the clocks or not?
  9. looking thru some old mod threads for how to do puddle lights and all pics on some threads say image not available why is this ?
  10. anyone any ideas on values 5 x 16 inch std wheels 2 good tyres but rest will need replacing will be up for sale shortly
  11. how much are std 16" wheels worth from a gen 7, they aren't too bad but do have the usual corrosion, 2 tyres ok the rest would need replacing sooner rather than later. seen em on ebay at £35 each which I think is high, 5 available and would prefer collection or meet up as I don't have time to box up and wait in for couriers. any suggestions?
  12. same happened to me on celica and my insignia
  13. currently on ebay in driffield, anyone live nearby, would u be happy to take a look, for me new girlfriend has got the celica bug but ltd funds so gonna be a cheap one.
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