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She's gotta go!!

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Having had little use out of my Thunder Grey 2006 Gen 7 GT over the last few years, having complete my move to Chester and now having nowhere to reliably park her, worsening eyesight, a fairly good local bus service and a bus pass as a replacement, I have come to the conclusion that she has to go.


I've had her since she was a  year old and had only 75 miles on the clock, She now has under 51,000.  A full Toyota service history until just before the pandemic and serviced regularly since then.  She has not been messed with, apart from a Parrot hands-free/bluetooth kit (concealed except for the microphone) and Fondmetal wheel centres (I still have the original GT ones). She's been in the body shop twice, once following a collision with a badger and once after a reversing "error". Both were fixed by the Toyota dealer bodyshop


A small collection of spares (2 refurbed Tech 5 wheels, set of refurbed 295mm Avensis calipers, new brake stopper kit)


It's a long time since I've sold a car and I would appreciate advice on the best way to sell her and any scams to watch out for


And, of course, if any of you guys/gals want to make an offer, feel free



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Last time I sold a car (other than to friends) was 20-30 years ago and autotrader worked the best, paper version back then.


For buying, I've found gumtree tends to have much more genuine sellers. Ebay is just full of con merchants both buyers and sellers.


If it's in particularly good condition (sounds like it is) it may even be worth looking at Mathewsons, though it's probably too new still.

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I sold my GT4  in 2020 through Car and Classic, I was thinking along the same lines as you regarding the amount of scammers etc these days.Shame we have to consider it like that but unfortunately for every genuine person interested theres a ton of idiots out there. I had a few emails etc that I was obviously going to ignore but the guy from Manchester who bought it luckily turned out to be fine.I was lucky really,Covid restrictions hadn't been as stringent at that point but he didnt want to test drive with me and i didnt with him,he sent me a deposit just through the many detailed pics of every aspect of the car and paperwork present,and when he turned up he trusted me in turn,sent the rest via bank transfer on his phone and he didnt get to drive it away until I saw the balance land in my account .So we were both lucky,he was a genuine buyer and I was an honest seller with a very good car.

Mathewsons do sell later cars and i think if you want to avoid all the face to face and potential pitfalls,it should be worth considering.Especially being a GT well looked after and low miles,they'll sell it for you,just agree what you're prepared to let it go for.I dont know the costs regarding the extras,but to have someone trustworthy collect from your house and do the work for you,has to be a consideration for the price of a phone call.

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I finally got round to getting it cleaned and took photos ready to post an advert on Autotrader. 

Checked the mileage and it's still below 51,000

I need it for one short journey next week, then it's being advertised

Sample photos attached





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Jap_Exotics was asking about it and here is what I told him


Paint and panels are all good. There was damage to the front end when I hit a badger but it was repaired by the Toyota main dealer's bodyshop. Aircon rad replaced and it may be that the main rad was replaced at the sme time, but as the insurance covered it, I don't have a detailed bill

One little chip on the fuel door - God knows how that happened as it is on the hinge side

Some wear to driver's side bolster

Small tear in the rear seat stitching when the seat was folded down and I tried to load too much in

All wheels are round (AFAIK). Some minor kerbing to NS wheels. But  2 spare refurbished and powder coated wheels (with enough steel stud inserts for all 4 wheels that will need to be pressed in).  Box of wheel centre caps - 3 new Fondmetal, 2 new GT, 1 slightly soiled GT, 4 GT from the wheels originally, 6 caps without centre badges, set of 4 GT centre badges (pretty poor condition), assorted sticker centres and GT letters., all by Mook

Road wheels fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 and fitted with Fondmetal centres to preserve the original ones

Spare wheel is the original with (I think) Pirelli P Zero probably never been on the road

So overalll, wheels good

Rear inner sills were an MoT fail last year and have been replaced

MoT listed somesurface corrosion underneath as advisories

Rear calipers replaced last year due to corrosion of the brake pipes (replaced) and during the replacement,  the bleed nipples were then found to be corroded into the calipers.

Rear hub carriers were replaced in 2015 as toe and camber bolts were seized. New bolts fitted with anti-seize compound - why did Toyota not do this when they were new!!!!

Centre section of exhaust replaced in December 2022 as it was throwing a CEL

New SGS boot struts fitted 2021

Parrot MKi9200 telephone/Bluetooth professionally fitted. Display concealed in dash cubby hole and remote control Velcro'd into ash tray recess, so the only thing that can be seen is the microphone up by the rear view mirror

Toyota SH to 2019 at 47,000. Service records since then from independent garages

Going with the car - Battery charger, Garmin Nuvo SatNav, foot pump, jump leads, fuel can

Also unfitted pair of front calipers and hangers from Avensis for 295mm discs, fully refurbished and coated in red by Bigg Red and a new brake stopper - never fitted as it is finished in blue


As for price, I am looking at the top end as it ticks most of the boxes, one owner, low mileage, VGC.  So about £8,000


I have more photos if anyone wants to see them. PM me with your email and I'll give you access to the Google Drive folder

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Problem with that sort of price for a gen7 is that your in gt86 range and other options for 8 grand can get you considerably more power from turbo cars or bigger engine stuff like 350z etc.

My gen7 hurts me most with no ulez and road tax that keeps rising every year and was 320odd quid this year.

Hope you find a good home for it, would be good to get the surface rust treated and all undercoated which would attract more buyers who dont want to be doing work on it and just drive it for few years before having to mod/treat

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I have had the underside de-rusted (wire brushing) and treated with Lanoguard.

I have had a number of potential buyers. However, some were concerned about the "slight surface corrosion to underside" from the MoT. Unfortunately, after the Lanoguard treatment, I was kept waiting fo 2 weeks for the "before and after" photos, and a couple of those buyers found other Celicas


"My gen7 hurts me most with no ulez " - According to the TfL website (https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/cars) is ULEZ compliant.


Currently it's off the market as I am having my bathroom refitted this month and need to be able to drive to my daughter's place for a shower!!

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when I was thinking about a gen 7 all but the very first models were ULEZ friendly. I bought a rav4 mark 2 in the end, as equally a 2001 one was ULEZ friendly, but the very first mark 2s in 2000 werent. Road tax is painful mind!

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If anyone mentioned the advisory comment, I would emphasize the "slight" as opposed to the "corrosion".  If it wasn't too bad I would jack it up myself (the easiest job in the world with a gen 7), take some pictures, and add those to the advert.


I do, however, agree that GTs are a little overpriced. Let's be honest - and I owned one for four years myself, so I will happily argue with anyone - they are just a T Sport in a party frock.  [Although, if I ever buy another one, I reserve the right to change that opinion].  

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£7,501. The £1 was an initial payment to make sure that the money was going to the correct account.  

I had other people interested but no one willing to pay anywhere near my price.  I really needed it to go before the insurance renewal came up in 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, the new owner had a flat (NSF) on his way back. As he was new to Celicas, he didn't realise that the jack was in its stowage compartment on the left side of the boot and had trouble identifying the wheel brace.

On the plus side he seems really pleased with it. I've sent him a link to the Club

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I just had the confirmation for concellation of my insurance from Adrian Flux - no refund, but there was only 2 weeks to go, so that wasn't surprising

But I also had the renewal. Up from £346 to £503. No new accidents or incidents and with 16 years NCB

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