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  1. I've only used e10 in the rev (98 but same engine as Celica, same fuel lines, etc) zero issues that's cheap
  2. EDIT - Just seen you already put that one up! - the below is the manual in one go, but won't add it as your link is better being split up Just uploaded the 202 manual https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZN1VLZ6Q92S6Wa59HLyECYFWSqNfxbt7B7 Will dig out my other manuals, a lot you've just put up Chris but I have some 3sfe bits ass well, and the rev3 3sge in hardcopy if I can ever scan it
  3. downloads fine, one pop up when you do but no bother
  4. I did raise a while back if we could upload them to the site somehow, as similiar have various manuals but no where to save them as too big for here.
  5. Thanks for the response - was thinking of a spare for the 5 while they were still about and any value in a more uptodate one -
  6. Thanks, might give him a shout
  7. Hi - is there any benefits to later auto boxes ? E.g. is the Beams auto box better than the Gen 5 box, or are they pretty much the same ?
  8. Prob won’t go down the chopping route but if it looks good inside def sort out exterior and update fittings I think
  9. Yes, wandering if worth doing anyway, to have a "good" tank to use. Will buy an endoscope first though!
  10. I am using e10 in my 98 rav4 with 3sfe engine - really no different engine to the celica or car to be honest, although rust will prob get that one before the e10 has any noticable impact!
  11. Good idea on the USB camera, will take a look at those as does sound handy! If the inside of this one looks good may just clean up and paint all of the outside and look at anything that is replacable and may degrade to start the process. It's for my 6 which runs on vpower anyway as import 3sgte ecu, but I can see that going the same way over time anyway, so will need to think future proofiing.
  12. Hi - picked up a spare fuel tank that I planned on cleaning up and painting as a good replacement for the one on my 202. anything special I should know about refurbing tanks ? Obviously totally empty before doing anything , but is this sort of thing worth doing or for older tanks and just an external clean and paint is fine ? https://www.frost.co.uk/how-to-restore-your-classics-fuel-tank/ Thinking also anything for higher ethanol content comparability but guessing not much. fuel pump though, already have after market.
  13. E10 is on the Tesco pumps here now !
  14. I know this won’t help you, but found mine on the export certificate MIE 300 RO 3338 export certificate interesting as has the weight on it 1160kgs originally, bit lighter than the wiki has a GT.
  15. I have my import papers back at home - don’t think it’s on there but will take a look when get back. Do like the idea of knowing it and getting show plates ! also my brother lives in Japan, wander if service over there to check vin number to find ref number
  16. Red one on the right- on the phone anyway that’s where my finger goes !
  17. Not sure if this is in keeping or not - but this was the photo I first saw on the intranet that inspired me to hunt down and buy a celica, I thought it looked better than any other car that I had a chance of actually buying, and totally inspired me on my celica ownership! not sure whose it was....
  18. The pattern is 5*100 so that is a few others - if you want to go nuts, check this list out https://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments.html
  19. Hi, few numbers on it, think its the top as thats the one on the sticker 1BL 008 193-00 50R-00917 152654 like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274545972413
  20. Ones I have - I also have halogen projector dipped beams - wandering if similiar but yours have hid ballasts as well ?
  21. This is mine which seem the same, but size might be wrong (90mm lens)
  22. What size are the hella units ? Trying to see from the pics but that lower one at least looks like the ones I have which you can buy new still , though may be a bespoke size tbf
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