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  1. Accident damage.

    I guess once the insurers have written off the vehicle; a buy back and re-build will be subject to a category N (formerly category D) which may lower it's resell value (?) Assuming the VW twit admits fault and you are blameless i think it depends upon how much the insurance company give you to cover the loss of the vehicle. It would be interesting to know this. May be better [or an option] to take the opportunity to find and buy another?
  2. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    That's a shame, but don't worry everyone... this disappointment gives us the opportunity to buy the terrific 2018 Kittens calendar in Tesco for just 2 quid!
  3. what have you done to your celica today...

    Happy dance after todays MOT PASS!
  4. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    Sent in one summer scene photo, and one autumn scene
  5. what have you done to your celica today...

    Crikey, can't believe 6 months has flashed past already! Did we get a summer this year? I put my winter wheel set back on last week, and today i thoroughly washed clean the 10 spoke summer set and left them to drip dry in the garage. I'll wax polish them up and put them into proper hibernation another day when i get the urge. Debs
  6. My Gen 7 windows can suddenly mist up on the insides very inconveniently fast in the damp-cold or humid weather. It's dry as a bone everywhere inside my passion wagon, and the misting up would appear to be caused by condensation due to 'exhaled breathing'. And no, there is no hanky-panky going on The only cures i know is to either hold your breath for the entire journey, wear a face mask with snorkel pipe though window to outside [ flippers optional ] or put the air conditioning on to clear it; which fortunately mine does and fairly quickly. I find my Gen 7 is dependent on having a good working order A/C system all year around to include the cold damp conditions. I've also noticed that in a summer heat-wave the inside can get unbearably hot if the A/C is not operational. Debs
  7. what have you done to your celica today...

    Warning: Using old bean-cans to fix exhaust pipes may cause muffled flatulent reverberations and back-firing!
  8. Selling a car... Test drives?

    Don't sell it. In fifteen years from now it will be a desirable old classic worth £20k+ and you'll be kicking yourself up your own backside saying how you used to own one and regret having sold it Debs
  9. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    I hope any upcoming development of legalised MOT evasion won't be the cause of more RTAs, crashes, injuries, and deaths. With the prospect of up to half a million smoky old vehicles on the road with no MOT we can certainly expect more pollution - which strangely contradicts the modern [albeit farcical] trend of imposed alignment between VED and how environmentally friendly said newer vehicle is supposed to be. VED has become a very easy money grab for HM Gov, and a very useful stick for the powerful new-car sales lobby to beat us with so we may conform to their business model having us continually scraping our cars when only a decade old [or less] and rushing out to buy a brand new one. There is plenty of TAX already on fuel, which in a way is fairer in that the more one drives the more one pays but i'd like to see a blanket lowering of VED charge to at least a quarter of what it presently charged for any given vehicle, and instead have far more cost enthuses placed upon MOTs even if this involves more expense at the garage with more routine servicing checks and generally far a more extensive and thorough check-over. This would help lower pollution, promote safety, and provide useful business for local garages Debs
  10. what have you done to your celica today...

    Removed the plastic sill covers to inspect the underlying metalwork: Looked a little mucky but not as bad as feared... After a jolly good clean up the sills expose a remarkably fresh appearance, just some surface rust blemishes along that weld-lip that hangs down. Dinitrol tin worm killer is sprayed at high pressure into the box sections of the sills, and into both front and rear sub-frames.
  11. sorry



    1. Crazy Cat Lady

      Crazy Cat Lady

      Looks very nice, 


      I got Darren to make me some Supra dragon sticky wheel centre's which IMO make a huge improvement over the OEM sketchy stock outline of a Gen 7 [which looks like something drawn up by someones 8 year old kid]  :lol:






      IMO Supra dragons on the wheel centres look fab, but TBH i prefer to keep the car fairly mod free [or so that any improvements are obviously noticeable] if you know wot i mean ;)









  12. Hi,you seem to like the "Dragon Boat" theme,just wondered if you knew there is badge for the exterior?

    I've included a photo below,hope you can see it . . . . As can be seen mine is blue but there is also a red version.Got mine off ebay eventually.




  13. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    Sorry to going off topic but I'm not enabled to edit my posts, or post a photo [ URL using photo bucket ] If i try loading a photo it fails with removal from the topic thread - and to end up back in the main 'Forums' menu....
  14. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    I'll try an edit again - testing testing; won too free
  15. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    I have SGS struts which raise my spoiler & tailgate unassisted. I expect the same struts on a non spoiler gate could give one an under the chin knock-out blow... which would make a change from getting conked on the back of the head after using droopy knackered struts. I've purchased a few things from SGS, their stuff is good for the job and fine for the price IMO, but be warned they use an awful delivery company who operate with the habit off delivering the stuff when they feel like it. Last time i stayed in all day waiting for a specified Monday delivery - only to see the courier had not bothered to come, and even listed the non-delivery as customer not at home Happens quite often with them apparently. Debs Unable to edit: I'm only able to make a pointless reason for edit but not able to actually edit - wot's going on? make a change - not make a chance