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  1. what have you done to your celica today...

    They do look good, they won the Auto Express wiper blade 2018 group test https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/36172/best-wiper-blades-2018-group-test Has anyone tried the Michelin Stealth wiper blades? A few years ago i bought a boxful of Stadium wiper rubber replacements, and have replaced the rubbers a couple of times, but have found they don't last well, seem to split at the ends, probably heat/sun damage, also very noisy wipe and streaky. Scotty Kilmer recommends silicone wiper blades - and he has a lot to say about them
  2. what have you done to your celica today...

    Over the past couple of years i've noticed one of my front screen washer jets squirting off aim, projecting most of it's squirt too high up the screen so most would go on the roof The thing is with these trivial problems, it's very easy to forget about them - until the next time you're out driving along the road again, and when washing the screen, say to one self, "i need to fix that when i get home", like you've said a hundred times before. And then when you get home, it's one of those jobs of not much importance in the big scheme of things so very easy to forget all about... until the next drive out onto the open road and one is reminded yet again about the naughty jet washer when pulling the screen wash lever and ...well you can see where this is going [ two years later ] Today between the showers and feeling bored indoors and wanting to get out for some fresh air, i found a pin, went out to the Celica and corrected the aim of that there washer jet. Jone done Next job is replacing all the wiper blades, anyone got good recommendations?, and any makes to avoid? Debs
  3. Pre Winter Checks

    That's probably slight surface rust - i simply don't drive it often enough It's a good tyre/wheel size choice for winter, more protection from pot holes, more comfort, more ground clearance
  4. Pre Winter Checks

    Yes, they score well in reviews driving on snow, i've been though a couple of winters with them but only cold and wet around here so far. I find proper winter tyres too extreme for typical winter weather, we seem to get very cold & wet but many days turn milder going over 10º which is not really cold enough for winter tyres. The Cross Climate tyres are also quieter and better MPG than proper winters, plus they can even be used in summer if need be, so very versatile.
  5. Pre Winter Checks

    Michelin Cross Climate - They grip really well in cold and wet, less sporty but more comfy with the higher profile on 16s. I only use them in the winter months, on a cheap set of wheels - helps to preserve my 12 spoke fondmetals
  6. Pre Winter Checks

    My pre-winter check kicks-off sometime in October with the ritual of summer wheels coming off for a clean up and carefully put away into storage, and winter wheels wax polished / tyres checked and to go back on the car. While the wheels are off, the brakes are cleaned, slider-pins cleaned and re-lubed with silicone brake grease. The suspension is checked over and tenderly wiped around with an oily rag. This fits in well with the MOT due in November which shortly follows the annual oil/filter change with a pre MOT check over. Yesterday, using a small screwdriver i 'de-stoned' the winter wheel tyre treads, a therapeutic activity fit for the rubber fetish, and it's strange how many little stones and specially sharpened council flints get stuck in the tyre treads, i don't think they really pose a problem if left but i like the way they flick out with a little struggle and the tyres look better for it. However i did find a nasty little nail stuck in one tyre; measuring 16mm it took some pulling out. Checked this tyre today and it's still inflated so i'm assuming it's okay to sign a relief
  7. Pre Winter Checks

    Would that be good to use on bicycle chains? BTW sorry for going
  8. My shock absorbers are okay, purchased vis eBay seller: clickcarparts The replacement boots, bump stops, etc from Import Car Parts (but not their shock absorbers) https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts?cat=89&sub=1353&sec=1555&var=38&dc=y
  9. are you ever gonna read my PM ?   :P


    1. Crazy Cat Lady

      Crazy Cat Lady

      Hi Gavin


      confused dot com here


      i have no notification of a recent PM from you, the latest is 19 June? [which i've replied to]


      > insert head scratching confused looking emoticon here <


      Unless you've sent it to someone else by mistake?  :lol:


    2. G.Lewarne


      a-ha!   I sent it to CrazyCatLady (without spaces) which must be someone else

  10. what have you done to your celica today...

    Today i fitted the super dooper deluxe sun screen cover marketed via Amazon by 'FREESOO' [although it wasn't so free costing £23.99] The backend of my car is nicely sheltered in the shade but i wanted something BIG to cover whole windscreen and both door windows. This seems to do the job, also covers the wipers, door mirrors too with room to spare. The shiny aluminium finish should reflect the suns heat, and keep the inside of car from getting oven hot, we will see.... Debs
  11. What came in the Post Today?

    Ordered this bargain lexus via Amazon uk for 24 quid, but all they've sent me is the windscreen cover I wanted to take a photo of the new sun screen on my Celica but.... it's raining now! That's the end of summer then, will put my posh new super deluxe sun screen away ready for next winter's snow Debs
  12. what have you done to your celica today...

    After changing over from winter to summer tyres/wheels on Friday last week... Today i checked the tyre pressures - first time on the summer set [Goodyear F1] since last September when they went into storage. They were all around 28 or 29 psi, so increased to 32 psi all round, car now goes like it's gained a turbo, and the handling is a joy!
  13. You've got us all worried now, Gav Both mine have a silver coloured top, not easy to see on the front shock from photo below but is silver, don't recall seeing sparsely placed weld spots... Perhaps i can relax, car feels okay to drive anyway. All my shocks have a dodgy looking paint job, but that was me in the shed before we fitted 'em
  14. what have you done to your celica today...

    It's official - the summer starts today! Took winters off and put summer wheels on a bit late this year