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  1. Tool kit

    Just the essentials.. Like an air compressor, air tools, portable hydraulic lift, and a less than 5' mechanic.
  2. Car share with a friend?

    What kind of Back to the Future shit is that?
  3. Car share with a friend?

    Sounds like the sort of thing that could break a friendship if it goes pear shaped. I mean, do you have the same definition of running costs for starters? Seeing as it's your car, could you forgive him if he totals it? But then again, maybe I'm just cynical..
  4. Pre Winter Checks

    Personally I wouldn't use that on a bicycle chain. I used to use Finish Line ceramic wet lubes which last a while but have a bit more friction overall. I've since switched to Finish Line Dry. It's a bit more high maintenance in that it doesn't outlast a rain shower and requires reapplying much more frequently but the upside is a smoother chain action. Neither of those leave a white residue.
  5. Pre Winter Checks

    Lubricant selection is important, as always. WD40 is convenient but it requires frequent reapplying as it's a very thin - which is what makes it penetrate well - it won't give long lasting satisfaction. Similarly, grease is known to collect dirt, so you may actually shorten the lifetime of your lock. You want to disperse water as that's what makes a lock seize, but avoid dirt collection. So you can use a PTFE based lubricant like this special version of WD40. Maybe you should address all of those. Doesn't sound like your car is road worthy.
  6. What makes a CS a CS?

    Trigger's broom is indeed the same proposition, just with fewer parts so that even the people who think Only Fools and Horses is funny can understand the basic principle.
  7. What makes a CS a CS?

    The good ol' ship of Theseus philosophical conundrum, or at least a variation of it. First you must establish what makes a CS a CS. Does a CS stop being a CS if you replace the WTA with a ATA intercooler? Does it stop being one if the engine is swapped with a different 3S-GTE? Is it about the LSD? Is it about the nameplate? Or the chassis? If you consider that you have two CSes sitting side by side, if you swapped over their engines, do they stop being CSes because they had an engine swap? Or do you still have two? Say if you took this process where you swapped over every single part? Do you end up with the two original cars, or two different ones? One school of thought would argue that it is what it is as long as we assign an identity to it. Another says that the identity of the original thing remains as an abstract thought, a divergence in identity. In four dimensional thought the identity of something changes over time. There are some other examples, such as when does a box of Lego stop being just a box of Lego and being a space ship, fire truck or whatever? When does a river stop being a river? The DVLA has solved the philosophical conundrum by attaching identity to chassis number. Others who want to own a CS may look for more factory originality the so called survivor cars, which must have original paint and all original parts.
  8. There's the air meter (MAF or MAP), so it very much knows how much air is going in. Self learning is a pretty grandiose term for switching LUT based on some basic sensor input, which is what most ECUs do anyway.
  9. Best courier to use for large parts?

    DPD? UPS is also good. Try ParcelMonkey or Parcel2Go for quotes.
  10. You did what?!
  11. Cruse Control.

  12. Petrol prices :(

    Also bear in mind that oil is trades in USD, and since 17th of April the pound has been dropping in value again. Dropping pound + rising crude oil is a double whammy. I had a look at a few forecourts as I cycled past today, and they all seem to be around £1.29 for 95 RON.
  13. Petrol prices :(

    Fortunately I'm in the position where I've no idea what the current price is here. I just fill up with VPower and pay.
  14. so what is the official pronounciation ?

    It is pronounced トヨタ セリカ, or /ˈsɛlɪkə/ or /sɛˈliːkə/.
  15. Write Off Valuation

    Someone said Wright off?