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  1. There's the air meter (MAF or MAP), so it very much knows how much air is going in. Self learning is a pretty grandiose term for switching LUT based on some basic sensor input, which is what most ECUs do anyway.
  2. Best courier to use for large parts?

    DPD? UPS is also good. Try ParcelMonkey or Parcel2Go for quotes.
  3. You did what?!
  4. Cruse Control.

  5. Petrol prices :(

    Also bear in mind that oil is trades in USD, and since 17th of April the pound has been dropping in value again. Dropping pound + rising crude oil is a double whammy. I had a look at a few forecourts as I cycled past today, and they all seem to be around £1.29 for 95 RON.
  6. Petrol prices :(

    Fortunately I'm in the position where I've no idea what the current price is here. I just fill up with VPower and pay.
  7. so what is the official pronounciation ?

    It is pronounced トヨタ セリカ, or /ˈsɛlɪkə/ or /sɛˈliːkə/.
  8. Write Off Valuation

    Someone said Wright off?
  9. It'd be a lot better than a TT 1.8 4WD..
  10. Celica featured on not2grand

    The GT is an OEM selection of alloys and suspension. There's a big difference to someone buying cheap alloys that are more akin to cheese and doing suspension mods that involve cutting springs. I broadly agree with their comment about "Car designers know what they’re doing". It still boggles my mind how many people in the modification scene think they know better than Toyota when it comes to extracting more horse power out of a 1.8l engine.
  11. Read the topic please, only one per day.
  12. Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    INAL but I assume that the tenants of these units have to sign a contract, which stipulates what happens in the event on non payment. It seems likely this would say that any item left in the unit would be used to recover any debts. However, in exercising such a clause it would be up to the creditor (i.e you) to ensure that any item does indeed belong to the debtor. However, no contract can contravene other legal rights. _Chris_ is right to raise the point of courts. It would seem right to go to small claims court (assuming that the amount is less than £3000, as you're in Scotland) to get proper authorisation. But maybe it's more? Once you have the appropriate documentation in place, it should be possible to get the V5C from the DVLA, etc. There's companies that specialise in selling cars in these sorts of situations, like this one. Maybe they'll take the cars in exchange for this Eurofighter Typhoon model thing. You could even try inviting this guy:
  13. Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    INAL but I believe that you cannot sell a third party's private property in such a case. You can only recover debts based on their properties. I am reasonable sure that you will have to perform some due diligence to found out what vehicles are theirs. It seems to me there would be a reasonable expectation that they are not his in this case. So if the third party finds that you auctioned off their property, they could try to recover their losses from you. The DVLA specifically has forms for these cases as in order to find out the registered keeper, you have to have "reasonable cause". I suspect your situation covers this. It's a free service too. Of course, if you have done your due diligence and was unable to find an up to date keeper, then you can take further steps like getting rid of them. As arizona says, get some legal advice from an actual property lawyer to prevent getting shafted down the line, though contacting the DVLA would be the second step I would take after taking control of the unit.
  14. Unplugging negative on battery ?

    It's a built in battery conditioner. Once the battery is charged, it just varies the voltage, as that is good for lead acid batteries, apparently. Very much unlike lithium batteries that prefer full charge to near depletion cycles. I've got a quick adaptor (comes with the charger) hooked up to the connectors, so once the Four is in the garage, I disconnect the negative, then plug in the recharger in about 5 seconds. The reverse when I want to set off again. The only downside is that every time I drive the car, I have to reset the radio and the clock.