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  1. LucyLou


    Whoops, sorry Dawn, watching Bake off at the same time so didn’t read properly so sorry for resend of last years Can you let me know if you don’t get a 2018 pt4 email please, file size was a bit risky, sent ok from mine but may hit your inbox limits if your mailbox has a tight attachment limit
  2. LucyLou

    Lambda sensor Q

    This is what I got for a 2005 T-Sport (so FL) for the pre cat sensor: 1 x DENSO Direct Fit Lambda Sensor - DOX-0273 - Oxygen / O2 - Genuine OE Part - Single
  3. LucyLou

    Lambda sensor Q

    I got one from Opie Oils. They supply OE Denso ones and not a bad price
  4. LucyLou

    'Riced' Celicas

    I was concerned mine was heading a little ricey
  5. They do, they really do lol How did you guess?
  6. Couple of the guys at work call my car the kinder egg car as it looks so tiny because she's so much lower than all the other boring cars in the car park. Get many 'witty' comments about whether I ate the chocolate egg first before putting her together and did I read the instructions etc.
  7. Ahhhhh that explains it, mine are both climate and I'm guessing Cravos were too...
  8. The plug still does go in there though, like I mention I'm always putting a preface clock/console on my facelift when I fancy a change I thought you meant the mounting itself was different I've just checked and my pre face lift console in the shed is def the same connector as your bottom pic and my facelift loom plugs into that?
  9. Glad you said that Cravo, I did doubt myself as I posted but I was sure they did I must admit when I did mine I have Sheps old preface console and my face lift so I tend to swap them around when I fancy a change so never actually put the face list clock in the pre and vice versa
  10. The facelift clocks are harder to do, red being the only colour that easy to achieve. I thought pre face lift clocks go into face lifts though? I'm sure the general consensus is if you want a colour other than red buy a preface lift clock and put in your FL? Check out the American Celica forums, they have a great thread on it PS. Found the link http://www.newcelica.org/forums/showthread.php?t=275259&highlight=clock#/forumsite/20888/topics/275259?page=1
  11. LucyLou

    (pics) Exhaust help

    I've got a stock T-Sport back box if it's useful and Ams hasn't got one
  12. Happy 2 Anniversary LucyLou!

  13. LucyLou

    celica GT vs GT86

    Toyota keep trying to talk me into a GT86 when I go in for repairs, even took me out in an extended test drive and offered to match what I paid for mine from Toyota in 2013 so I'm guessing sales may be slow I did quite like it but not enough to justify the 4-5 times extra cost of my Celica and the lack of back seat space really decides it for me. My partners TT is no good in the back so my Celica is the practical car for days out with the kids
  14. LucyLou

    Who is the average Celica Owner?

    This thread is a goto for me everytime I think I'm 30something now and need to grow up...the av age here make me realise it's still ok I'm another female gen 7 owner but not a hairdresser Work as an account manager for business customers at a comms company. Not blonde (atm anyway) Always loved cars since I was little and the love just keeps getting more whilst strangely my bank balance gets less?
  15. Happy 1 Anniversary LucyLou!

  16. If anyone is thinking of getting rid of their Celica...be sure For the last month I've been in a variety of cars due to working away (work supply hire cars) or Angel requiring TLC at Toyota. I've been lent a Focus Turbo (never been in a 180hp car that feels so flat and slow) Hyundai i35, Auris Hybrid, Yaris and my partners TT. Tonight I got my Celica back and I can't stop smiling, omg I've missed her...everything just feels soooo much better than all of those replacements Thing that shocked me most was the gear change, we all kinda moan occasionally about our Gen 7 gear changes but I was shocked how brilliant mine felt compared to all the above I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow just so I can drive her again...tink I may get up early Hope u enjoy my happy tale on a Monday night, I'm off to gaze at Angel all clean and sparkly in the street lights teehee
  17. LucyLou

    The grass is not greener...

    Thing is with all the cars I've mentioned above (with the TT maybe being an exception) is I don't feel like I was sitting in them...was more like sitting on them. At risk of sounding v old, why in all modern cars does it feel like sitting in a people carrier? Maybe its just me, but I like feeling cocooned when I'm driving not perched up. Loved my old MR2 Turbo and the Gen 6 for that, drivers seat was like my own little snug pod
  18. LucyLou

    The grass is not greener...

    The TT is lovely and it is so very easy to drive. As a motorway car especially it's heavenly and I suppose if I lived on a motorway I'd prefer it over my Celica, but...it doesn't make me giggle like my Celica does. It's almost like it's too good if that makes sense? The Celica is rough around the edges and I think that gives her way more character
  19. LucyLou

    names for your celica

    Not meaning to hijack the thread but wow, u got a 131 Mirafiori... v jealous, wanted a sport soooo bad a few years ago but could only find continental cars for scary money, really don't think many survived the Uk climate (My dad had one when I was v v little and I loved it ) Ps. Slightly back on topic my Celi is called Angel, have no idea of the Japanese translation