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  1. Vlad

    do you still have that climate face cover ? I`ll take it if so ... thanks

  2. Happy 5 Anniversary Gimba!

  3. More cleaning, and re-greasing, nothing exciting, but it's nice seeing the little things look better
  4. Nothing majorly exciting, but had a good clean scrub of the seats using both AG leather products
  5. Hello I'm after these slot clamp things that go on our front splitters, But i just can not search them properly because I don't know the names of them, anyone got an idea or that actual answer, I need spares
  6. Happy Birthday Gimba!

  7. correct, direct from lotus, just rub the lotus logo off if it bothers ya
  8. indeed Mine was originally the grey version, then i had it half white and black for a while, then decided to go full black
  9. i hate it, the worst looking bumper ive ever seen, and makes me look at the celica like its the ugliest car ive ever seen but if you like it do whatever, its yours
  10. Oh bloody hell if Kwik fit can sort it out then I should have no worries with a normal garage
  11. Hello Im in need of a TTE exhaust rubber mount like this For this top bracket part Is there a specific part number I can search to get this exact one Or will most garages have loads of their own rubber mounts? Cheeers
  12. My exhaust tip fell off, so i needed a new exhaust sourced a TTE exhaust to go with my TTE lip bought it for £140 Got holiday thursday so i'll have to wait two weeks to fit it Needs a new rubber mount, but other than that (and a better clean) its all lovely I quickly photoshopped howd it look, and i like it alot, ill buy a two hook for the original exhaust gap
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