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  1. Yeah I'm 24, only had my Celica 1 year (1st car) and have crashed twice
  2. On comparison sites my quotes are coming back at around £900 for a celica and about £950 for an MR2 I've been looking at MK1 MX5's as well and they are coming back at around £2k I know a few people who have run MR2's for quite some time and all have said do not scrimp on tyres so that is something I'll keep in mind
  3. I'd love one mate, but I cant stretch to that purchase price right now I've got about a grand maybe 1500 tops
  4. you're not the first person to say that but I really wona give the MR2 a go as its what I wanted before I was pushed into the celica
  5. Just run some quotes on confused with my accidents declared and am getting quotes of around £900 for an MR2 I wonder if my insurer was trying to claw money back from me on that price
  6. Cheers mate I've just been onto my insurance Co and my premium for a like for like car has gone up from £800 to £1700, thank god you can pay monthly Quote for an MR2 was £1712 so I'm probably going to go down that route
  7. Good point mate, didnt think about finding other cars for sale to back my valuation up Just hoping my insurance doesnt go up so much that i cant get an MR2 or anything else interesting
  8. Thanks for the above guys, My mate has a saxo VTR and we used to go on runs together, he has traded his in since my crash after seeing how well mine held up and has bought an 11 plate Zetec S so at least he will be safer of the back of this The more I think about it the more I well probably end up in a Tsport but I have a MK2 MR2 shaped itch I'm probably going to scratch first
  9. Cheers mate The only mod that was on it was the plastidipped wheels, spoiler and bonnet scoop I still have lowering springs, strut brace, exhaust and a few other bits including a towhook and quick release bumper fasteners so they might go in the shed in case I get another one in the future Just going to let the insurance Co have it all and hopefully get a good payout I told them its worth around £1700 as it had some good optional extras like satnav, upgraded factory stereo, the sunroof, factory 17s and the TTE spoiler but that is purely a guess
  10. Thats the thing carlasumm, I never wanted a celica when I bought the car it was just cheap and close by, I'd go as far as to say I actually disliked the Gen 7 but as time went by I slowly started liking how it drove but still didn't really like how they look, of course now I don't have one I miss it haha and how well it protected me has made me feel like I almost owe it to the car to try another one so depending on how badly my insurance has been fooked I may try get a 190 although that might have to be next year
  11. On April Fools Day on the way to work I hit some standing water at around 50/60 mph and lost control hitting a tree and writing my car off I was extremely lucky the airbags went off and that no body else was involved, more so than that though I had a full exhaust back box, replacement discs and pads and a strut brace loose in the back of my car, how none of them shot forward and wiped me out I'll never know but both the police and ambulance said I had been extremely lucky and must have someone watching over me (Cheers grandad!) oh and I was smoking a cigarette at the time which I found half s
  12. I'm ok guys, I'll whack some pics and a story up once ive got the pics off my phone Im already planning to replace it with another celica dont worry!
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