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  1. Hi all, im in the market for a new car cover for the GT4. Ive currently got a Halfords Large cover thats a few years old, it fits ok but its leaving the car covered in white dust from the lining. Im looking for fit and durability, and im not worried about using a seperate inner dust cover then an outer weather proof cover if i have too. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Dorris
  2. I’m planning on another set of wheels with snow tyres and hope we get lots of the white stuff
  3. It could of been worse, you could of blindly bought a lemon of a GT4 instead which would of owed you 10 times as much Dorris
  4. Just for your own piece of mind and information use the DB readers that you can get on smart phones, they are quite accurate we use them for racing. The rules on how to take DB reading is on the net somewhere would be interesting to see what it is. Dorris
  5. I found all my gen 5 GTIs to be flat throughout the rev range with the cat removed so left in place, I just ran a good panel filter and kept it well serviced and they used to fly. Dorris
  6. I actually found my 182 ran better with the cat in place, and noticeably better too. Dorris
  7. Somethings you can ie imported vehicles v cat issues but not seat belts, its a clear cut instant failure. You will be hard pushed to find a tester who is willing to put their job on the line for turning a blind eye to no seat belts. D
  8. You've hit the nail on the head, the key here is to find a MOT tester that knows his stuff and will test it as an import, like you say most will just look at the year on the number plate and will say it needs a cat. Dorris
  9. As said previously it all comes down to the age and type of vehicle and a Celica Gen7 is not exempt under any of these rules. Under section 5.1 of the MOT inspection manual for class 3, 4, 5 & 7. Reasons for rejection. A statutory seat belt: * missing  * of the wrong type. So unless you take out the seats, not having belts on a vehicle of this age and type its a failure, only this year I failed a HGV for not having lap belt fitted to a center seat. Dorris
  10. This sort of millage is nothing to be concerned about especially being a Toyota, 100k its just starting to run in properly lol Dorris
  11. I think its horses for courses and what you prefer, like anything I guess you get what you pay for, I'm running a momo jet, wasn't going to pay £200 for it though but one turned up on ebay for £48 and I then got a NRG quick release boss for £20 so there are bargains to be had if you're willing to wait. Dorris
  12. Look forward to hearing your out come and experience, suspension settings is not something we here much about with in the club and now with more trick suspension becoming more affordable its becoming more popular. Maybe a Sticky on suspension set up would be a good idea? Dorris
  13. If you don't have a sag figure then its going to be a case of trail and error, it all comes down to what sort of ride you are after, the best way is probably set the springs soft to give your self a soft ride and then set your ride height to give you the ground clearance. Damping will be something you initially set then adjust as time goes by to what feels right, if the car feels like its bouncing then the damping needs stiffening up, maybe start off with around 15 clicks in on the front around 13 clicks in on the back and go from there. Suspension can be a bit of a dark art and confusing if you're not used to it but try not to over think it. Set it go for an initial drive to make sure nothing obvious is wrong then try it for a few days and get a feel for what its doing then maybe readjust if necessary. You might find it feels like its wallowing around or could be too harsh feeling every bump in the road, you could even have an issue of it bottoming out or tyres rubbing on the arches but wont know until you try it. If you can find some else that is running the same suspension that is working for them then ask them for some setting and go from there. Dorris
  14. There can be up to four adjustments with suspension and its important to know exactly what each one does. Preload, Ride Height, Compression damping, Rebound damping, Preload, takes the weight of the vehicle and load this is the adjustment of the spring by either adjusting the collars or by changing the weight of the spring, although this will effect the height of the vehicle off the ground it is more important to set the sage of the spring when you load it up, ie how much the spring will compress when you drop the car on to its wheels. Ride height is the physical height of the vehicle from the ground regardless of what the preload is set at and is normally set by lengthening or shortening the physical length of the shock its self. Damping is what controls the speed shock absorber moves, more fancier shocks will have independent adjusters for both compression and rebound but most will have a combined adjuster that does both depending on what ratio the manufacture decides is best for there product. These are normally set by a small screw the clicks as you turn it in and out, the more turns in the more damping you get. First off measure and adjust your sag with the preload adjusters on the spring, then set your ride height and then set your damping but make sure you make notes what measurements you use so as you can go back if you fine tune your suspension. The other option would be just get some measurements off someone else who as already set there car up. Dorris
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