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  1. If youre interested in a Gen 6 I'd get in touch with AlistairGT on here, He's bought a Faff so his red 202 is going to be up for sale in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Happy 8 Anniversary Jimmylegs!

  3. Happy Birthday Jimmylegs!

  4. The first thing id look for is the into lag canister as soon as you open the bonnet, also as Cravo said the spray bar behind the front bumper, these are things that could be fitted to a non WRC but unlikely anyone would go to the trouble. Also worth mentioning that my WRC has a factory sunroof
  5. Happy 7 Anniversary Jimmylegs!

  6. Happy Birthday Jimmylegs!

  7. Id gladly give him 4k for it atm, wasn't even an expensive wine..
  8. Oh nice one, this is like Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher turning up at the Brit awards at the same time. Anyone volunteering to tell him what its really worth? I'm out cuz I've just had 3 big glasses of red wine, very nice they were too.
  9. Happy Anniversary Jimmylegs!

  10. Happy Birthday Jimmylegs!

  11. Monday = nowhere, Tuesday = nowhere, Today = nowhere, I'll give you another update tomorrow stay tuned.
  12. What a lovely gesture, if nobody takes it my lad is interested in it as his first celica, he's already a member on here and would certainly give it a good home, but he's in no rush so if somebody else will take it no worries.
  13. Happy Anniversary Jimmylegs!

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