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  1. Exactly what mine were like, those parts press out. They don't look like they do but after a good go with the Hydraulic press it came out. The ones in the control arm are the same. This is them pressed out: Another member i had spoken to when i was changing my sub-frame He bought a hydraulic press after breaking his vice trying to get the bushes out. If you can get them to a local garage, i doubt they'd charge much for the service.
  2. I've fitted Strongflex bushes to my rear camber arms and have some ready to go on the control arms. I luckily had access to a hydraulic press so the camber arm bushes weren't much trouble to get out and swap over. I haven't yet fitted the Control arm bushes as i may buy second hand control arms to fully refund and then do similar to Lucy and get the other bush from GT4 play.
  3. Fitted a new PCV Valve and AUX belt. The old AUX belt had definitely seen better days.
  4. Some very exciting items for me A new PCB Valve, Screws for the IACV & a gasket for the IACV.
  5. Happy Birthday Tuckshop_1!

  6. Welcome to Celica Club UK Tuckshop_1 :)

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