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  1. Happy 1 Anniversary EasyRight89!

  2. Happy 7 Anniversary Hoody!

  3. Happy Birthday Hoody!

  4. I got xxr 530 and my rings are 73.1 - 54.1 hope that helps
  5. Happy 4 Anniversary rockkon!

  6. Happy 6 Anniversary Hoody!

  7. One of the guys on here asked toyota and got a letter with the numbers
  8. Happy Birthday Hoody!

  9. I've had this before, the rear tyres dis shape and are not round any more. If you run your hand around the tyre it will feel bumpy or wavey. I was told it's the way the rear of the celica is set up from standard. I had it on some perlie zero neros and some Avon zz3 both dis shapped after about a year and half of being on the rear of the car. Was advised to stop this happing again to swap the rears with the front very 6-8 months. I would still check the tracking and camber tho as that may be the main cause of it.
  10. Happy 1 Anniversary Heckle!

  11. Happy 5 Anniversary Hoody!

  12. Happy Birthday Hoody!

  13. Oh sorry no just that paint from the eBay seller, that's it.
  14. Nah I got the rest of the paints from halfords as it worked out cheaper. Even tho I used 5 cans of candy on the engine bay, it still cost a small fortune lol As for the calipers I cheated tbh as I was in a rush, I was changeing the discs at the same time, so I un bolted the calipers and zip tied it to the spring, cleaned it and gave it 2 coats of paint ( cos my where blue and was hard to cover) I then started doing the disc. I then put the caliper back on but the paint was still soft so once it was back on I gave it one last touch up then put the wheel back on
  15. I done my whole engine bay with the dark candy red from them I used 3 coats of plastic primer, 2 coats of Nissan blade silver, 6 coats of the candy ( u have to use a lot to get the colour as it comes out pink at first and you build it upto the deep red) then 4 coats of laqure to finish. For calilpers I used this Ferrari pearl red: Got it from this seller on eBay: http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=270959388629&kw=270959388629
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