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  1. Hi. Would it be possible to get some club flyers please because as well as the CCUK shows this year my car is booked to show at three other large general car shows. 

    If I had some flyers I would be able to hand them out to other owners if I saw any.

    Many thanks

    Ted.     AKA  Wolfie

  2. Sent a few photo's in, from Boston Classic Car Show and JAE
  3. Hi, I joined back in May this year and have not received my club pack yet.

    I have emailed the club on a number of occasions but still no luck, so hope this gets to you.




    Tim Wilson

  4. oh thats a shame, but thank you for your response.

  5. Been watching this thread with interest, as my celica has rusty wheel arches and bottom of the doors, nothing to serious but wanted to sort them properly. Just ordered from bilt hamber. 1kg tub deox-gel Item Number 1kg-tub-deox-Gel £10.79 GBP 1 £10.79 GBP 1ltr pail electrox x1 Item Number 1ltr-pail-electrox £29.13 GBP 1 £29.13 GBP dynax SEAM Item Number dynax seam £14.12 GBP 1 £14.12 GBP Hopefully these should do the job, will let you know how I get on.
  6. Happy Birthday mjc68!

  7. Happy 7 Anniversary mjc68!

  8. Not all 3sfe engines are a problem, had mine 6 years and its been rock solid. I like it although there always seem to be a lot of haters of them.
  9. Think I should have been clearer, was referring to my 18" techin inovit wheels not the original 15" Toyota wheels.
  10. Just wondering if the wheels I have on my gen6 would fit on a gen7?
  11. If you can find a good detailer locally you could see if they can wet sand it then polish it, won't be cheap but certainly cheaper than a respray or dip.
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