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  1. Celica photo challenge.

    We had a splitty in work this morning for MOT, and I was on the bike today! Bloody typical!
  2. Gen 7..good used buy or not?

    To be honest from your question if I didn’t have a celica it would put me off. Mine has been a faultless car, but that’s not everyone. I have a friend who works in toyota who sees more dogs than anything else, it that many go to dealers now.
  3. is this going to look dodgy to the DVLA ?

    That plate does look illegal to me in that picture? Letters look too small?
  4. Used a Gunson Power (Brake) Bleeder?

    To be honest either I’ve lucked out every time I’ve had something brake related off the car and had to rebleed them I’ve never had a problem, or it’s because I do it all day everyday I know what to expect I’ve never had a problem with my brakes using the vacuum bleeder. I’ve never had a problem with my brakes, I’ve never understood why people say that the brakes are crap of the 7, mine preform great on the road, it’s had enough abuse B road bashing.
  5. Used a Gunson Power (Brake) Bleeder?

    I have one I used to use when I worked for volvo, now I’m in hyundai it’s useless because the capsthe same as the Toyota. I use a vacuum bleeder instead now
  6. Drove Beddau to Watford 168miles to the Harry Potter studio, drove 15 miles to see a civic type r gt in a garage for sale, budget tyres, no history because they ‘lost it’ boot and bumper totally differnent colour red ‘they’re all like it apperntly’ wouldn’t budge on price. Called his bluff and drove back to sunny Beddau 183miles still with 1/4 tank of juice left, not driving gentally at all. The old girl done me proud today!
  7. 2zz vs ep3

    It would be interesting to see. But having had mates all my life running Hondas of all sorts id 100% put my money on the Honda. Looks wise, the celica wins! Haha!
  8. 2zz vs ep3

    Valve adjustment is part of the servicing on the EP. Unfortunatly the to have a 2zz actually make 190hp is rare, have a look at the dyne print outs in the sticky. With those mods mods on an ep with a decat he could be around 230-230hp
  9. 2zz vs ep3

    I’d put my money on the ep3 for both unless you have an actual 190hp celica and he has a poorly K20.
  10. is this going to look dodgy to the DVLA ?

    Nah I wouldn’t worry about it. In the 14 years I’ve been in the motortrade the amounts of plates that I’ve drilled wonkey (pet hate) or we’ve broken when we drill them DVLA would have a field day.
  11. Cruse Control.

    That’s the one! May have been off with the bumper.
  12. Cruse Control.

    I’m sure it was ambermile or something? Black 140 veliside rear bumper?
  13. That ceramic coating is the dogs! I had my Fiesta st done last year before it seen the roads, it came from the transporter straight to the workshop and then straight to be detailed and coated. Even now a year and half on a snow foam and gentle hand wash and it looks as good as new! Your lucky having a detailing god as a mate it cost me £600 for a 2 stage Polish and coating. I’d love to get the celica done but I can’t justify spending more than the cars worth on a detail.
  14. Fair play that looks mint, Drove into the workshop, opened the bonnet, checked the oil, still not burning any, closed the bonnet and drove home.
  15. I'm locked out of my car... HELP

    My Astra did this years ago, I managed to reach the starter motor from underneath and get a jumper cable hooked up to the positive cable