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  1. I'm locked out of my car... HELP

    My Astra did this years ago, I managed to reach the starter motor from underneath and get a jumper cable hooked up to the positive cable
  2. Tips to fit rubber pedal covers

    Like orc said warm water to soften them, the ones I’ve had a nightmare with I spray a little hairspray on the pedal itself and then use it as lube. It’s slippery when you first spray it but dries sticky so it isn’t going to fall off like if you use WD40. Little trick i used when changing MTB grips too.
  3. Is a Celica the right car for the job?

    I did well over 100 miles a day. Hence why I bought a reliable petrol car. Plus I can throw 2 bikes in the back ( front wheels removed) and enjoy my drive up through the Twistes. Yes a diesel something would be cheaper on fuel but I can guarantee I would have spent a fortune on repairs unlike my celica. 180k and still drive it the same way when I got it on 50k.
  4. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    Brilliant thanks Kev. Ill have to check the part numbers tomorrow, I've left the car in work tonight.
  5. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    I need a set for mine, they've failed after 13 years! Daft question i take it that's for one? I'll need or order 2 for both sides? I was was trying to stay away from the eBay ones so these are spot on!
  6. One tyre wearing more than the othe?

    I always chew the nsf tyre in a year, I have 6 roundabouts on a quite dual carriageway each way to and from work.
  7. Key blank without remote central locking part

    I got a blank cut for when I'm in the sea, I lock my working key to the seat with a padlock.
  8. Celica sales figures

    I picked up a fiesta ST 3 at Christmas for my wife. Weve been in Devon for the week with it, first time I've driven it for any length of time and I've really fallen for it. It did 43mpg on the motorway. I fitted the mp215 at pdi which helps the pull on the motorway. It more roomy then my celica and far more comfortable. The price I got from work I couldn't say no as it was a customer pulling out. Only downside im paranoid it's going to get stolen/parts stolen every time we leave it anywhere, even with the OBD relocate and 2 sets of locking wheel nuts, one ford and 1 Volvo.
  9. Number plate advice

    Dubmeister. I've had a few sets off them for all my cars over the years.
  10. https://www.bodyshop-tools-supplies.co.uk/product_view.php?id=20204&gclid=Cj0KEQiAv4jDBRCC1IvzqqDnkYYBEiQA89utoi4d_sQPwFWO97vzmHRZYZkG9yAhQbX_H-__EIB5blsaAn7S8P8HAQ not the same but looks like it'll take up less room? Tempted to order one myself for my garage
  11. Celica photo challenge.

    Late invalid entry but I had a total Vauxhall feature shoot on a roundabout Never mind Photobucket being daft
  12. Nothing but trouble

    Buying a used car is a gamble, you win some and you loose some. Ive driven my celica 110k plus 60 before I had it. I've replaced the clutch, they wear? And a brake calliper, again I've just rebuilt 2 on a mates DC2. If you expected a old car not to have issues it isn't going to happen.
  13. 100000 mile club - nearly

    I past that many years ago, nearly heading to 200,000 now
  14. Wheel Refurb help.

    Both very similar colours from what my eyes show haha. I've spoken to a mate of mine who does vynl stickers for a living. He's happy to match the original decals for literally a few quid,
  15. Wheel Refurb help.

    I've got no worries about refurbing them myself normally, I can paint well and have all the kit I need just never had to deal with the corrosion like this before, typical jdm wheels really. The best way I see is to get them chemical stripped which they do. I asked for the wedssport bronze the colour the sa70's come in. No problem they said. They are extremely good at what they do, the cars in work have all finishes done and they look like new, the only way I can tell they've had a refurb at times is because there too glossy. If I wasn't getting married in a few months I'd have them done with flat out.