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  1. to cat or not to cat. that is the question

    Not this again lol Im sure someone will come along with the exact reason why ss1.2.3 etc still need a cat. If there is a uk equivalent, it will need a cat mate.
  2. what have you done to your celica today...

    are yours 225/40/18's? as they are £66 delivered each on ebay
  3. What came in the Post Today?

    that black bumper i have bigseed would be ideal for your bumper conversion
  4. Doing my wheels again.

    looks a great job!
  5. What came in the Post Today?

    let me know how your gonna wire it up as ive got a set to install mate
  6. cost of refurbing diamond cut alloys

    i would keep an eye on ebay, as diamond cut alloys come up from time to time for a fraction of the refurb price.
  7. Hi I need to get a new battery for my st202 gen 6 beams, but what amp should i get? My other beams as a 60amp battery with the normal (larger) round terminals ( a 005 type), but the beams im buying for has the smaller round terminals so have amp options of 30,33,36 and 54. The size of the battery on this celica is also alot smaller than my other beams. The celica needing the battery is in swansea and im in manchester, so need to one before i head down as need to move it asap and not paying higher shop prices over ebay ones. Any advice?
  8. What car battery amp can i get for my gen 6 st202 beams?

    terminal sizes are different and they come in different amps compared to uk battery terminal types.. Doesnt matter, i have found a new battery anyway mate.
  9. What car battery amp can i get for my gen 6 st202 beams?

    guess nobody knows about batterys then lol
  10. brake fluid for gen 6 st202

    Hi Looking to do a full brake flush on my celica st202, will 1 litre be enough to refill? And as i have wilwood calipers and gonna get some hel braided brake lines, is it better to use dot 4 or dot 5.1 brake fluid? Was looking at this....... http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/auxiliary-fluids/brake-fluid/?524770042&0&cc5_179 or better still this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-REACT-Performance-DOT-4-1-Litre-Can-/161982705267?hash=item25b6ebee73:g:UwEAAOSwWTRWxw~9 cheers
  11. brake fluid for gen 6 st202

    separate mate
  12. Car transporters ?

    For comparison prices. Im transporting 2 celicas from swansea to west sussex and the best price i can get on shiply is £350.
  13. brake fluid for gen 6 st202

    ive purchased 1 litre of the pagid stuff. cheers
  14. brake fluid for gen 6 st202

    yeah its £2.69 per 500ml Is it decent quality?
  15. Longlife Stainless Steel Exhausts

    i had a full system years ago, not good quality materials and the fabrication is ok.
  16. Hi I have a broken horn wire on a steering wheel. I have crimped it in the past, but it slowly breaks just after the end of the crimp due to the steering wheel obviously turning constantly. Now i know how to solder wires, BUT, as this wire is coming from the back metal plate of the actual airbag, is it safe to solder it together again? as i dont want the heat from the soldering to set off the airbag! Are there anymore options? Here is the picture of how the steering wheel was when i originally had it. Its the single yellow wire on the top left corner of the airbag with a white plug that fits into the spinal yellow/black thingy that sits infront of the steering wheel lol. cheers
  17. steering wheel horn wire repair HELP!

    yeah gonna use the heat shrink this time along with soldering the joint
  18. steering wheel horn wire repair HELP!

    Its a genune trd steering wheel. Thats for the offer ams, but i will try and get the horn wire off the wheel first, solder it, then fit it back onto the wheel.
  19. steering wheel horn wire repair HELP!

    cheers mate. Yeah this is a trd steering wheel. Blue and black type Waiting for a guy who has another trd steering wheel for sale, but isnt the fastest in emailing me the pics of it lol
  20. steering wheel horn wire repair HELP!

    u mean where the single wire is connected to the steering wheel plate? Is that a bolt holding it on?
  21. steering wheel horn wire repair HELP!

    so its safe to unbolt the detonator? As if thsts the case, will unbolt it, and then solder the horn wire as it will not be connected to it then
  22. greddy gauges are worth good money, maybe too much considering they are 2nd hand etc. I managed to get 2 sets of greddy gauges with all wiring for a very very good price. Also found genuine greddy sandwich plate and water sensor for next to nothing a few weeks later. Looked for ages and all come within a month of each other
  23. Rust Killing Paints

    so converter it then epoxy mastic over it yeah? Ive had my car underside done, but turns out the paint he used is porous, which is no good. So do i have to wire brush this coating off then use the converter and mastic?
  24. Rust Killing Paints

    so this is one of the best to paint underneath car? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RUSTBUSTER-EPOXY-MASTIC-RB121-BLACK-2L-Metal-anti-rust-paint-10-M2-/361062370387?hash=item5410fe8c53:m:mn-Ofs_wFFnXNb3iKq9b6nQ so just wire brush and apply?