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  1. I'm sure @Serratia was looking into building these a while ago not sure how far he got on with it though ?
  2. Cough Cough PM might help who knows I found the company i used last time for the group buy he maybe able to help you ... ! https://www.facebook.com/Hokori-Motor-243198682403963/ if you use FB
  3. you'd of cried the other week when we the hinge snapped , luckily a friend fixed it with new welds
  4. here you go this is what it looks like
  5. Found a very old Celica club flyer from 2003 when i first joined not the glossy shiny one we had but the original download and print it yourself version. You too can feel incredibly old now as this was in the days of dial up internet Hello! Like Celicas? Well, if so, you might like to know there’s hundreds of like-minded souls out there who feel exactly the same way. Celica-club was set up in January 2002 so that owners of all Celicas, from the very
  6. I see your parking skills haven't improved But welcome back to the right side
  7. Collected new plastic clips from toyota today to fit to the wheel arches. Had a look at the car as not back together its only a few more days till shes complete and repainted
  8. got the car back together ready to be put in the paint booth
  9. Happy 3 Anniversary Steve74!

  10. just seen your post and thought about my mates post he's got an mx5 that hes putting up for a raffle , its a project car as currently has an auto box in it and would require some work doing to it. its on facebook i'll put link below. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582190021&sk=photos&collection_token=582190021%3A2305272732%3A69&set=a.10157423321020022.1073741857.582190021&type=3
  11. or get an Injen Cover if theres any for sale
  12. You could always try and source a Rod Millen bumper. As that looks better.
  13. We had the option to use trade plates but as the brake pipes had perished we didn't want to risk it. So car transporter is collecting the car on Monday evening from Peterborough and delivering around 10pm that night.
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