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Everything posted by Sherv

  1. Having sold on my OZ's,the centre caps had to go with them.Had them fitted on the Nakajima alloys that are on my car,these; Was always really a temporary fix,for aesthetic purposes as the Nakajima's didnt come with any originally.Never seen any caps for them,let alone another set of wheels like them for that matter.Anyhoo, now they dont have any centre caps again.Had a look on the bay at a couple,the diameter of the centre hole of the wheel itself is 58mm.Most seem to have 52 mm inner clip though when you read the small print. Which is obviously too small.Any recommendations?Dont have to be colour dependant particularly as I will obviously customise them later ;)Just need a good tight fit.
  2. cheers guys,thanks for the replies.Shaun,you have PM Hi Jeff,the thought had crossed my mind til i looked up the other day and saw how much they go for..
  3. Shhhhh once i get the caps you'll be the first person i'll come to
  4. Leaving the Car for 45 days

    Yeah battery indoors,maybe bicarb or something in footwells in a dish for the damp,handbrake off,bung it on axle stands if poss
  5. What came in the Post Today?

    Thats a posh sump plug mate!
  6. Yeah,i've never made so many coffees
  7. What came in the Post Today?

    Ha yeah it was discussed down at Bek's yesterday.All's well that ends well,you got it now
  8. Steering arms and track rod ends/gaiters fitted,sunroof panel replaced,oil filter/oil replaced,underbody plastics refitted,new headlights fitted....
  9. What came in the Post Today?

    Me too,though courtesy of Opie,not the Blue Oyster Bar like yours
  10. What came in the Post Today?

    Got my new steering arms and gaiters from www.tcbparts.co.uk for my '87 st162 today,ordered at 445pm on Tuesday night.Super quick delivery,top quality parts and a good chat to boot. I've included the roll of packaging in the shot to show how well protected the arms were in delivery.Cheers guys
  11. What came in the Post Today?

    A massive behemoth of a trolley jack Is it wrong to be excited about a piece of garage equipment?Naah. The damn thing weighs over 40kg,it belongs in a workshop really.. :rolleyes: but I wanted it LOL And its super low entry.. cool.Even if I cant pick it up without my spinal column exploding...
  12. What came in the Post Today?

    I accept cash and cheques mate
  13. What came in the Post Today?

    Me too,a little present for the gen4.Cracking buy as well,Shaungtr is one of the club members that its a pleasure to know.
  14. Bye bye to black beauty

    Nice to keep the car in the family,have to get your brother to join up now!
  15. Paint repair

    Problem with a smart repair on a bumper,its hard to blend in a small area.and yours is one of the harder colours they have to deal with,believe it or not.
  16. Paint repair

    Most Chipsaway smart repairs are around 120 quid
  17. ^ Nice colour.... Can we try and keep it to one pic at a time though please peeps.Or you will wake up Bill T.You don't want that.... My ST162-BEAMS at Lakeside last night courtesy of gen7nnb.Careful,she bites....
  18. TBH any car ive had picked up hasn't been a runner as ive stripped it down to the bones.theyll drag it on there if they have to
  19. Stunning pic ,that. You can run the car ok for a short distance like that,even messing with the air should at least get it to kick over,even if it runs like a Vauxhall bag 'o' s***e itll move.But from a scrappage point of view,they will get it on whatever they bring some way.Just give it a try.If for some reason it wont go just let whoever it is that's taking it know that it doesn't run.If its got wheels itll move.Unless you're trailering it yourself....
  20. It's been fun

    you can start a thread on the Non Celica section,while you come to terms with what you've done
  21. Fitted new front number plate,JDM style to go with my new engine but mainly it frees up a little air flow in the slotted lower bumper compared to the long rectangular UK plate
  22. Might have to moderate that last pic,damn fine CS might lead to all sorts ... That's a fine looking vehicle.
  23. My Celica has gone :(

    Nothing better than a good Alfa. Not much worse than a bad one though....I'd be seriously considering the newer Skoda range,good cars.