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    Hello,I'm new on here but here's mine just out the paint shop.
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    Just the one - mowed the grass so took a photo or two on the front lawn
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    y'all don't have forcefields?
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    Recently aquired Gen 6 after a bit of a clean and polish
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    Our fat-bottomed babies! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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    Celine the Celica sitting pretty at my buddies detailing shop.
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    after fitting a new front set of KYB shocks yesterday (after the "fakes" debacle), I finished the job properly with another full geometry alignment. Pleased to report front and rear are all in the green, car drives great ...in fact...better than ever if I may say so myself. feels super planted, firm and tight
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    It's official - the summer starts today! Took winters off and put summer wheels on a bit late this year
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    Ahh damn! Well I've gotten away with it so far so I'm not too worried
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    You should have put a plastic sheet in your boot first
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    not sure whats worse, the bug splatter or the jiggalo number plate
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    Ordered this bargain lexus via Amazon uk for 24 quid, but all they've sent me is the windscreen cover I wanted to take a photo of the new sun screen on my Celica but.... it's raining now! That's the end of summer then, will put my posh new super deluxe sun screen away ready for next winter's snow Debs
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    Replaced all three wiper blades with new Valeo units. much better wiping than the bosch on there before and totally silent.
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    So just over a year ago I completed a front end rebuild comprising, amongst other things a new set of KYB shocks - purchased from an online supplier of reasonable reputation I recently went over a crater on the M5 at 70 mph and damaged my passenger side shock (blew the seal). So, to be thorough I bought another pair of KYBs from my trusted local supplier which were sourced right from KYB uk. Imagine my surprise on extracting said blown shock and finding a totally different brand under the KYB Excel-G sticker - they are actually "Optimal" made shocks which seem to come from china and are the same basic make as most of the cheapo "rebranded" shocks out there. I guess faking the KYB sticker and box wasn't difficult..... don't ever buy Optimal shocks. even the one on the undamaged side was totally fecked after just 1 year. 10mm free play up/down on the piston, squeaky seals, virtually no rebound pressure left, hard and soft parts along the stroke -oh, and rusty too. I am usually very diligent when I source critical parts, but this time I was caught out and thought I would share the experience. ps - with genuine KYBs at the front now and known genuine KYBs at the back it doesn't half ride stiffer ! its like its on rails
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    By your description..mine looks to be genuine. The top "plate" is silver, and the welding around the base continuous. This is exactly what is stamped directly under the sticker: 334278 KYB CAUTION GAS FILLED DO NOT OPEN OR HEAT MADE IN JAPAN PL14 There is also transparent plastic banding around the shock.
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    would prefer not at this time, I want to see what their response to my email is look at yours and you see a sticker AND the KYB part number & "made in japan" stamped on the outward face of the shock. The top "plate" around the piston should be silver not black and be a flat disc with tacwelds. The weld around the very bottom of the shock where it has the hub plate pressed around it - it should be a continuous weld all around the tube, not just a few spot welds. that was all the more obvious differences I could see
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    Interior shot as it’s clean for a change! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Changed gearbox oil, changed sparkies, changed, changed driver seatbelt, changed boot struts, and put some spigots on my wheels. And done just in time for the England game and a beer. Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    +1 on ParcelMonkey and Parcel2Go. They compare quotes so depending on the size one courier might be better than the other. I've used Paisley Freight as well although from what I remember they were a 3rd party who outsourced the courier
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    Not sure where I'm going to put it yet as I'm not a big sticker fan but im sure I'll find somewhere
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    Where is it going from and too as there maybe a club member that is going those ways?
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    my work (we sell woodburners) use www.transglobalexpress.co.uk as a price comparison sort of website.
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    DPD? UPS is also good. Try ParcelMonkey or Parcel2Go for quotes.
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    Well, not actually done today, but last Thursday, we passed our 13th MoT together . Had to do relatively a lot of work this year; both front calipers were binding slightly and needed an oily rag wiped over them. One of the rear calipers looked like it might be past the oily rag stage so that got replaced, but got a good used one for £20 on ebay. After that all OK, with no advisories.
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    I didn't realise buying new number plates was so bureaucratic, and didn't have any faff buying my new plates [ all done mail order with no documents ] Perhaps because they came from 'Plates For Cars' who are Dublin (?) Size Front: 520x111mm (20.5x4.4in) Size Rear: 520x111mm (20.5x4.4in) Font : UK Legal Black GEL RESIN Badge : Wales 2 Border : Red Legal Details : Yes http://www.platesforcars.co.uk The Gel 3D Resin plates are particularly nice IMO.
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    Bit of a photo bomb on my french trip they did not expect a little celica to turn up
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