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    My drawing which jim7564 done for us its amazing !!!! thank you so much
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    That looks great , excellent work Jim
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    Looks like i might be fitting the carbon bonnet tomorrow then.
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    As above. Take proper advice. First of all check with DVLA who the registered keeper is. That is however not necessarily the legal owner. You need to be sure the legal owner is the same "Person" as the debtor. Then you will need to HPI them to make sure they are not owned by a finance company. Nemo dat quod non habet is a basic rule that you can't sell what you don't own. A repossessing Landlord may have some right to sell the tenants fixtures and fittings but with regards to possible assets like these I would recommend you obtain a ccj for the money and put the bailiffs in to enforce it. You can upgrade enforcement by transferring it to High court as they have more enforcement powers. You could try applying to DVLA on a V62 to obtain a V5 but that only says who the registered keeper is. It is not a document of title, but I wouldn't buy a car without one personally. I deal with conveyancing work rather than litigation so these are suggestions not formal advice! Contact a specialist before doing anything but wandering in. lifting and flogging them willy nilly is errrm a bit high risk! If you sell them without checking you may end up having your collar felt for theft or Taking without consent! This is not a good thing.
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    As title says. I may well be coming back again. Having had 18 months or so in the wilderness without my Gen7 and running and maintaining a Mondeo ST220, I've seen the light and I'm hoping to go back to a Gen7 again. Don't get me wrong the Mondeo is a great car, very fast and handles a dream, it's the little niggles that it may go 'tit's up' anytime and cost a small fortune to repair. Also, sub 20mpg is not fun to live with. I'll admit to missing you guys (well, some of you anyway!) and have seen many new names on here and a few non posters who were one regulars. So be warned the Slug may coming back again soon armed with a nice Blue gen7, obtained as a swap with cash my way for the 220.... See you all again soon, if all goes to plan.
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    215/45 is fine. Many members on here have 215/45 on a 7J rim
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    You're getting better acceleration with a smaller rolling radius than the OE 205/45. The downsides are: A harsher ride Less bump absorption putting more wear onto your suspension components, and increased risk of a buckled rim Speedo reading will be out (215/45 on the front actually makes it more accurate than 205/45) I'm running 215/40 front, 215/45 rear..so decent acceleration, with a bit more comfort on the rear. Rims are slightly wider at 7.5J though. I don't recommend this set up for a face lift TS, or GT though. HTH
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    All the way from Japan massive thanks to joeythelips89 for sorting it out
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    In that case, Ebay sell Sparkrite stuff, HT cable etc Also, Powerspark are a good company to deal with. A useful place for all things ignition. E.g. http://www.simonbbc.com/ht_leads/build_your_own_8mm_yellow_black_works_style_silicon_coated_carbon_core_ht_leads_and_terminal_pack
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    " So, there you go, the seventh-generation Toyota Celica. It’ll never break down and it’ll always look great, unless you dick about with it, like so many have care of awful alloys or stupid suspension" Maybe best not to tell them about the GT then.
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    Welcome to Celica Club UK. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    happy birthday Johnyboy
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    INAL but I believe that you cannot sell a third party's private property in such a case. You can only recover debts based on their properties. I am reasonable sure that you will have to perform some due diligence to found out what vehicles are theirs. It seems to me there would be a reasonable expectation that they are not his in this case. So if the third party finds that you auctioned off their property, they could try to recover their losses from you. The DVLA specifically has forms for these cases as in order to find out the registered keeper, you have to have "reasonable cause". I suspect your situation covers this. It's a free service too. Of course, if you have done your due diligence and was unable to find an up to date keeper, then you can take further steps like getting rid of them. As arizona says, get some legal advice from an actual property lawyer to prevent getting shafted down the line, though contacting the DVLA would be the second step I would take after taking control of the unit.
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    After some discussion with members at the birthday party at the weekend, the idea of a social event/party in October just after what would have been Deans 50th Birthday with a disco and buffet was passed to Helen who has said she loves the idea and would like us to organise. Bryan has spoken to Helen this morning and along with her daughter Sharna are both thrilled with the idea. The date would be Saturday 27th October and held at The Quays pub - Northampton (where we have our annual January club party) Full information in a new thread will be posted this week so keep an eye out for that but keen to know what you also think of this idea?? We can also look at a summer event like suggested above also - can we suggest you run it by Helen to make sure she can attend the dates etc and then we can discuss further Would be great if we can do both and get some extra events for a great cause on the calendar
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    Pic From JDM Show at Castle Combe done by Simon he can use mine for a photo shoot any time
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