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    near a shell station
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    fast cars, classic bikes, crazy samoyeds.
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  1. on rear wheel drive you can get away with wider wheels, just check out any mercs or bmw,s, standard on mr2,s, 4wd need to be the same diameter. but if you want to try something different on fwd, maybe try this .... but please keep it on track.
  2. al/c


    sent a few over..
  3. looks ok mate, never bothered with the gt4 but did fit one on my mr2 turbo, ....for a while then changed it for a carbon trd.
  4. al/c

    What did you drive before your Celica?

    it,s a nova kit car. my mate used to have one, oh the fun we had when the roof failed.....thank god it had a sunroof.
  5. decided that an old mr2turbo bmic could work as an fmic on the 205, so lots of metal and faffing it fits nice behind the c1 bumper. next is to clock turbo and make new pipes. the pipes in the photo are some pieces of crap that came on another deal.
  6. Hello 


    We met at JAE last year , and you told me that you had a set of tweeters i could have , do you still have them ? if so how much ? 


    thanks DQ 

    1. al/c


      hi, i,ll double check tomorrow, if still there you can have them, definitley got mr2 turbo ones which i think are the same,will bring what i have to the mr2 drivers show or japshow if you are coming. cheers Alex.:thumbsup:

    2. dragon queen

      dragon queen

      Thank you and yes i am coming to the mr2 meet :)

    3. al/c


      found 2 mr2 turbo ones today, will check my container tomorrow as i have a couple of gt4 doors there that may have some.:thumbsup:

  7. al/c

    What did you drive before your Celica?

    mr2 turbo, and my landcruisers. and a few others.
  8. h,mm i always called it gt4
  9. decided that it was time to refurb my trd adjustable shocks, the original green was looking worse for wear and as they are going on my black gt4 with red accents this seemed like the best option. springs and top plates done in 2k black.
  10. done some work on the wings and front bumper, lining up geat now and test fitted the sideskirts, very little work needed to get them spot on.
  11. done the 1st test fit on the wings and c1 bumper, will need slight adjustment but nothing too serious.
  12. removed the windscreen out of the old shell, now refitted in the replacement shell,wasn,t easy but think it,s ok. and now,
  13. engine now in, going to change the suspension tomorrow and fit my trd adjustable shocks. plan is to build everything up then strip refurb, spray then rebuild.
  14. would finish the engine swap tomorrow but clutch change on the sliver beastie is more important .
  15. carried on with the swap today, all done on my own. and another, ...windscreen next!.