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  1. Swapping 5th gear was a deliberate mod a few years ago - to get a higher cruising speed/ better mpg
  2. Hi for some reason your last post has disappeared .  Can you resend it please so I can contact you on ( I think it was what's app) thanks


  3. Hi Paulus

    I have a ST185 GT4 1989 that I am restoring.  I'm looking for the air box that holds the filter.

    Also the little plastic holder that clips on to the rear side boot liner that holds the rear parcel shelf plastic pin in place.  I only have one on one side   Can you help ?



  4. There's a link rod connecting the front rack to the rear steering mechanism - splined and pinch bolt - it comes off fairly easily. The main issue will be the rear balljoints - or getting replacements, member 'sonic' has just done his - so he can probably point you in the right direction
  5. You can't remove the 4ws - just disable it, but when working correctly it's excellent.
  6. Still one of my favourites - a fully loaded gtr - but not black though
  7. Sadly, I have no pictures of my first celica - although I should have, I took them for the insurance assessor after it was killed by a hgv. 1986 digital dash ma61, it was 18 months old and I loved it. I had to resort to google
  8. Most gasless migs are also capable of running with gas - you will not get even a half decent weld without gas, and using outside pretty much rules out the possibility of using disposable bottles - they would last mere minutes at the flow rate required to overcome even a mild breeze.
  9. Pleased your car hasn't got the front splitter fitted - they really don't look good.
  10. I had an 86 car in 88 with hardly any miles on it - sadly written off by a lorry on the A17.
  11. I 've had 3 ma61's - all white, I love them and they are superb cars - but don't weaken and settle for an auto or a narrowbodied car, the auto is slow and the nb is ugly.
  12. Billet turbo is effectively a stock turbo - but is fitted with a billet wheel ( rather than cast ) so slightly lighter, maybe slightly faster to spool up - but no real performance gain, so will be fine on a stock engine.
  13. That sort of money or less, will get you a very nice forged rebuild on your existing unit - they are apparently ok, but I would be concerned with aftersales service. At least if you get a turbo technics hybrid - you won't need to take it back to China if it plays up. There are at least 4 trustworthy turbo builders in the uk, turbo technics, Owen developements, turbo rebuild ltd and aet - I've had units from them all and they were all really good.
  14. hi ive had a look for the dash fuse box cover, i havent had any luck yet. il have time to have a proper look for you on saturday, il report back. thanks, phil

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