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  1. bricktop

    Celica sales figures

    The main problem at least for the UK is that people still generally hold the German brands as prestige. Unlike Toyota and Honda which are still seen as mainstream akin to Ford and Vauxhall. The Audi TT was a huge success yet the likes of the Gen 7 although most likely a more sporty car and more reliable had an interior made of crisp packets. Generally English are very vain and prefer soft touch plastics and a upmarket badge over engineering and driving feel. You sit in a Gen 5 or 6 and then sit in Gen 7 and it doesn't feel anywhere near as nice or solid. That's how fickle people are. The MK3 MR2 is a better roadster than a MK2 without question. Faster, more focused, more efficient, doesn't rust as bad with the only downside being storage. Mazda have built such a strong reputation with the MX5 that they would have too build an absolute turd to lose its affordable roadster crown.
  2. I thought the reason they made the convertible was basically because Sean Connery couldn't fit in it!
  3. bricktop

    cleaning the power steering reservoir?

    white rice with some dish washer tablets works wonders. It will still be stained yellow but inside will be spotless. If you wanted to make it white again you need to google "retrobrite gel".
  4. Happy 4 Anniversary bricktop!

  5. bricktop

    requesting info from Toyota

    They were very helpful with me as well. Gave me my build date etc off my import and also sent me a letter stating that my car was built to meet Japanese Emissions which meant it didn't meet UK emissions so I can get a Cat free test legally!
  6. You are lucky there is only a little bit of the nut left. Some decent dormer drill bits will drill through that stud in seconds.
  7. Ford scene tax makes the Cosworth expensive. The car is not even on the same level as the ST185/205 or Delta Integrale on pure WRC pedigree. Lancia deserves its price tag since it did win 6 championships and is rather rare. The cheap price of the ST185 is a little strange though. Most successful Japanese rally car of all time?
  8. bricktop

    alloy rad vs oem rad.........which one to fit?

    Wow the rad in that link looks shocking. I have an alloy rad in my GT-Four. Unknown on the make as it was there when I bought it but the top tank is massive. A lot bigger than the ebay rads at least and bigger than the stock item.
  9. bricktop

    Would like to be a GT4 owner again

    Which is basically a ST205 floorpan, running gear and engine with a Gen 7 body! The ST205 is an evolution of the ST185. It is lighter, has a much stronger engine, better suspension setup, bigger brakes by quite some margin etc. I am sure a ST185 could be made to be similar but without going on a diet it is always going to be heavier. As for looks the Gen 6 has the better rear end and the Gen 5 has the better front end. Although the Gen 6 edges it with its comical spoiler! Needless to say which ever you want to have both options are better than a Gen 7! Real rally bred hero's!
  10. bricktop

    Cleaning Engine bay plastics

    Aerospace 303 is the stuff you need for a long lasting finish. Use this stuff on all my plastics although it is not cheap.
  11. Happy 3 Anniversary bricktop!

  12. bricktop

    Gen 6 gt4 wheels

    Three spokes look awesome on gen 5's. Fantastic VFM too as they are extremely light as well.
  13. bricktop

    nice msport for £7k

    Exactly you would have to be an utter fanboy to buy that. 7k is DC5/Mint DC2 money.
  14. bricktop

    celica rareity

    There are so many different variations of GT-Four as well on the log book.
  15. bricktop

    Gen 7 vs gen 6 GT

    I am the complete opposite in fact. It is somewhat of an event going back into a retro interior. Especially when the car is considered a weekend special. A Gen 6 interior is actually rather good for a car of that era. Have a sit in a classic impreza or Evo 1-6 and you will see what a bad jap interior is! The only thing missing from a Gen 6 interior is a digital odometer with a trip computer. Better dash lights would be a bonus too but thats easily remedied.