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  1. First it looked like this Then I sold it Then it was crashed by its new owner and written off Then I bought it back and now it looks like this. Such a shame as she was a beauty. At least her engine and major organs will live on in another car.
  2. Happy Birthday Dtracer!

  3. Happy Anniversary Dtracer!

  4. Happy Birthday Dtracer!

  5. Happy Anniversary Dtracer!

  6. Happy Birthday Dtracer!

  7. Best tyre I ever put on my Celica, great on road and track, put them on the wife's Auris T180 too..Brilliant
  8. Yep suppose that's also true, not the natural time of year to thinking of buying a sports coupe is it, early spring would be more apt. Shame I have to sell now.....
  9. I suppose I did know it would be more appealing standard just a shame, suppose i'll have to bite the bullet and strip it. Wonder if I just put some more standard bias pads in the Wilwoods that'd help, make it more road driver friendly, get rid of the squeal when cold. Can you feel the resistance to removing the kit :-) it's just so damn good it's hard to return them to the spongy, lifeless, zero feel standardness argggghh horrible. :-) Exhaust is nice and easy to change, have no problem with doing that. I might PM him. Thanks
  10. Yeah I thought about that, perhaps strip it back to stock, a lot of its already been done. the brakes are easy enough to return to stock but its the time to do it i just don't have at the min so I left em for now. Seems a shame to remove the one thing that really make the single biggest improvement to the Gen 7 and put the spongy standard brakes but I guess mr or mrs. Wanna be Celica owner might not know that. Perhaps have to consider taking the time to pull them off. Exhaust is easy enough, any one want a very rare and beautiful sounding 5zigen exhaust?
  11. Good ladies and gentlemen of CCUK some advice please. Put my beloved celica up for sale and had zero interest, know is it the price that's wrong, is it the advert or is it my location in the middle of nowhere that's putting people off? Need to move it pretty sharpish and thought I was pricing to sell, I thought it was pretty reasonable but perhaps not. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/classifieds/item/489-toyota-celica-t-sport-2003/ http://classifieds.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/toyota/celica/toyota-celica-mk7-t-sport-vvtli-2003/868842
  12. Whats wrong with Car polish and Car Wax?
  13. Sure there will be mixed opinions on this but I wouldn't waste your money. Fill her with a good quality oil and that's all you'll ever need.
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