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Community Answers

  1. https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/CELICA/700101019430151208001/index.html
  2. Fitted, new MAF Sensor on Thursday evening which, thankfully, resolved my bogging down issue. Managed to get a genuine, new Denso for £50. Fitted stock airbox (with Butterfly valve) made up the missing part with some tube and t-pieces I ordered. Still had the 1 way valve on the car. I have no idea if it actually goes better, I didn't really notice much if any drop off with my Blitz Carbon WAI and what I think might be an improvement might just be down to perception from driving with a faulty MAF sensor for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Waiting on new another stock air box to arrive, which will hopefully join some of the engine plastics on a trip to BRD for some hydro dipping. Then, get rid of my tatty old, 3m Psychedelic, wrap for some more refrained. I'm thinking Lemon Sting Or Sunflower yellow Assuming this contract lasts...
  3. That's not actually GT, it's a 2004 car. Clearly imported from Ireland I wonder if it wasn't imported from Japan before that. Other than that (and the spoiler) nice looking car.
  4. That's because 2zz Gen7 owners already have Toyota BS'ing power figures
  5. Very clean job, looks great. Love how you put the edge on the cutaway. Until I read that I was thinking "Do they normally come like that?" (Yeah I might not have looking in my engine bay for a while.)
  6. Sorry, that was really directed at the owners of the cars I have photographed. I don't often take a pic of my own car unless it's a club stand line up as it's kinda dented, poorly wrapped and.. I see it everyday so don't need photos I am happy to submit pics I've taken of other club members cars, if that's ok?
  7. Anything I've taken and posted up on here you are free to use/submit. I often reduce the size of them to save space so if they're a bit smaller than you'd like I am sure I can supply them full size as jpegs (or whatever format you prefer) or I'll still have the raw files for them, assuming I didn't take them with my phone but I wouldn't think anything I took with my phone to be calender worthy.
  8. I don't know if it will fit on the 1zz, I would assume so but the intake/expansion chamber is different between the 1zz and 2zz Not really, it's a Warm Air Intake. I doubt it gives any extra a HP and there is a good possibility that you lose some compared to the stock airbox. If you have a spare £400 plus then Nengun.com sell them I think they are just shy of £300 but expect plenty of shipping and import duty to kick you in the nuts. As Jesse, in the Fast and the Furious, (should have) said "...Over Priced parts from Japan" But keep checking Ebay, someone might import them at some point.. I might even sell my spare, one day
  9. Other than the carbon number plate surround, are you planning on modding your car? I'm sorry, I love your car, it's as nuts as it is awesome.
  10. Making your car look like something it isn't is fine, in my book. Badging it that way as if you are trying to actually fool people you have some better than you do, I don't really get. When I was looking around for one, the amount of Skyline GTST's or GTT's I saw when for sale that had GTR body kits and Badges was embarrassing. Saw the odd one where the owner had purchased at GTT badge that was designed like the GTR one, I thought that was fine. I mean there was no question the GTR had the more aggressive looking kit but if you're missing little things like 4wd, an extra turbo and about 30bhp as standard, don't pretend it's a GTR. Anyway, rant over.
  11. First thing I noticed about this wasn't the X5 wheels or the how low it sits. It was the Ferrari F430 bodykit! I googled this car, I couldn't find a single Ferrari badge on it, in fact the badge at the back is the Celica Dragon one. I respect that, the kit looks good and he's not pretending it's anything other than a kit.
  12. Thanks, these 3 came out ok but the main piece is... meh. Two minds on whether to put it on. Probably will but will definitely need another go at that piece. Just hoping heat and glue don't cause a disaster. Got a few layers of lacquer on there today, will put a couple more on them tomorrow. As for the Lexus, yeah the SC wasn't prettiest car Toyota ever made. But seeing another in Psychedilc was enough, I've already decided on the next colour
  13. I'm afraid I can't. I mean I could tell you... But then you'd go and do a better job of it than me Oh ok, I'll tell you but only because it's you... and the fact that you could google crackle paint effect like I did and find out that way Basically it's painting over semi-dry (waterbased) kids glue I used elmers but I think anything in the waterbased classroom glue has the same effect. Water it down a bit, depending on the glue and paint it over the base colour (make sure the base colour has fully dried) then leave it to dry a bit (I left it for 15-20mins but I think I could of left it longer for a cleaner effect) then paint over with water based paint. I used Rustoleum Painters Touch gloss black. I tried lots of rattlecans but they just can't put a thick enough layer down fast enough or they just don't react with the glue and separate/crackle so I used a tin of paint and a brush. The result is really rough but it worked more or less. Hoping that the glue cures ok and isn't affected by the heat of an engine bay. Guess we'll find out when I get to Donington, could look a right mess by then. Might bring some spare plastics just in case I pllan on getting some more plastics and doing this again when I have the compressor running and a spray gun.
  14. Unfortunately the outcome was kinda messy and I am not sure on the main piece right now but see how that ends up when it's fully dry. Trying to get an even coat with a brush over semi-dried glue requires more practice. However, do have access to an old compressor which, if I can get working, might make the next attempt better. On a seperate note, drove passed a Lexus SC with the same 3m Psychedlic wrap Looking at alternative colours now.
  15. Hmmm, not seen any red primer. This red is lighter than I wanted but I'm hoping it won't matter when I'm done... Hoping
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