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  1. Test fitted one of the Kaminari skirts It looked shit Partly because the wrap was only done as far as the skirt and not the entire car. Partly because black skirts on a "Grey" car don't look as good as I thought they might and Partly because the paint job on the skirts is a bit naff... Actually the paint was ok until I clear coated it, then it looked shit. Put the TRD ones back on. Not decided what I will do with the Kaminari ones as yet.
  2. Painting them Black so no colour matching needed. They were Chilli Red before so would have looked odd on my grey and black car. May still get wrapped but I want to see them on the car first. Thanks for the offer tho'
  3. Currently making a rather poor to average job of spraying my Kaminari side skirts with rattle cans. Did want to pay someone to do a decent job but no one around my way seemed interested in the work, to small a job I expect. Still, as long as no one examines them too closely I'll get away with it May end up getting them wrapped in the end, anyway.
  4. On the Gen7 190 the stock (axle-back) exhaust is not light. There are heavier aftermarket ones but compared to the Japspeed it ways a ton. The Blitz wasn't much better, if at all. The Tech5's on a GT are really heavy. Can't comment on how the compare to other 17x7 stock wheels but I can carry two of my gram lights with ease but walking any distance with a Tech5 and my back really knows about it. Been on the constant lookout for someone selling a spare Gram Light 57c to match the ones I have.
  5. There is a Photoshop request section under Misc. Have you asked there?
  6. OK I need to stop you all here with your "Here's how to clean the glass for you headlights" Should of said something earlier I just didn't expect that particular band wagon to carry so many Yep, I know how to do this, I have the kit. I also do it regularly to refurbish the screens on card Payment terminals. The lens that is spreading out the light distribution on the one inside the head light. I bought a modified set of OEM from here some time ago and I thought I had thrown them out (they were shit, tbh) but it turned out I had thrown out one of my originals so when I sent lights to Eddie to get the gadgetman treatment one of the headlights had already been tampered with and had the "terminator" red light mod. It's this one that is causing the issue as Eddie had to try to make it match the stock one.
  7. I thought the rule about after market exhausts was older than that. That would explain why I'd never seen anything like that on the MOT's before. They weren't dicks about it so I don't have an issue going back there but I do need to sort out some new lights to get through the next one as the lenses on mine are messed up. And yes, it passed which is good news as I'll be out of work in 2 weeks. Which should be bad news but I sort of hate it here so I'm actually kinda happy about it.
  8. Noisy Exhaust.. Never had that before, I know the law regarding modified exhausts but I've never had tester decide to comment on it. Is this going to be a common thing I did I just find a vigilant tester. Other than that it passed (except my headlights need changing, again)
  9. Was going to say the same Realistic difference between a 1zz and 2zz is what? 30-40hp? They're hardly power monsters Anyway, yes if this was worth 10 then Moo must be worth 20. If money and space were no object I would by both and... Keep my ideas to myself as I would probably be lynched for just thinking it
  10. Yeah it's been up for sale before, don't remember what price tag it had then. I don't think it's anyone on here tho I like then interior I like the body kit I like the paint. Hate the wing. Hate the fact that the wheels are making no attempt to fill those arches, in fact I doubt they would fill stock arches. Hate the pointless decals, ruining the look of that expensive paint, advertising a soundcloud play list or something. Why keep them on there if you're selling the car? They really are not a selling piont. Don't see him getting anything close to 10.
  11. Removed one of the interior support plates from the rear wing that was loose and rattling around inside the boot lid (not going to bother refitting it) and managed to get the other over one stud, hopefully that's now tight enough to stop that one rattling/vibrating. Why were these both loose inside the boot lid? You would have ask the guy that wrapped my car that. Why he failed to notice them then failed to do anything about them when they had come loose. Bear in mind that it's pretty obvious when one of these comes loose and drops inside the boot lid skin and yet after the first one had done this he failed to make sure the next one didn't do it. I'm not sure they could have done anything else wrong...
  12. After spending a small fortune on PDR tools to try and remove the worst of my dent finally had the time and weather to strip out the interior and see if I could get to the dented area. The result... I pushed it out with my hand Well, I have to tools incase I need to work on another dent. Dent is still there but far less noticeable. I doubt I will be getting it repaired unless I get the car resprayed.
  13. Thank you, I've still not tidied the wiring and won't get the car back from being wrapped until Tuesday. For the polished parts, I just bought an extra intake chamber(I think it's called), rocker cover and throttle body from Ams and took had them to a local polisher then swapped them over (well, had a garage do that while they serviced the car) once they were done. If your looking at doing something similar, have a look at the hydro-dipping thread from BRD first.They do some awesome things with that.
  14. Fitted my Blitz warm air intake Which, going by other peoples engine bay pics with the Advanced air cleaner, I think I have done right... Need to tidy up some wiring but it went and got dark on me so tomorrow if not raining.
  15. It is shiny... and will likely be scratched in some manner by my hamfisted attempts to install it Ordered from Japan, couldn't find anyone selling one over here. Hope the rarity means I can make the money back on the extra one, although until it arrives I don't know what I am going to be paying in import duty as yet.
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