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  1. Happy 6 Anniversary supersan23!

  2. Happy 2 Anniversary ali4239!

  3. Happy 6 Anniversary matt1!

  4. I'm not sure there is any room to get to the head of the stud to be honest, at least not easily. So fingers crossed some pressure will work
  5. So I fitted some new front studs at the weekend to fit my 15mm spacers and I very stupidly overtorqued one of the nuts and have rounded the spline on the stud. Luckily its not completely rounded and there is some resistance. I'm going to see if I remove one of the caliper bolts and get some J B Weld on the back of the stud, but it looks very tight. I've read its best to remove the other nuts first and then pull the wheel to put some more pressure on the splines which makes sense. But the question is when doing this, do I use an air gun to zip the nut off with the initial torque? Or gently put more pressure on with a torque wrench? I'm only going to get one shot before its completely rounded and thingsget very difficult/expensive!
  6. This is the only one I know of, isn't that close and you need to be there by 9am latest on a Sunday to miss the traffic. Don't bother going after 10am... http://www.drivingroads.co.uk/horsham-to-winchester
  7. It can't hurt to clean up the standard earth points. Mine, especially the one under the battery tray, were quite corroded.
  8. Funnily enough I just picked one up the other day and check my brakes at the weekend after a few hours on the autobahn, 60degrees up front 50degrees on the back within a few degrees side to side. Handy little device
  9. To be honest it doesn't get that hot in the engine bay because its got 115mph-ish worth of air running through. I've given the underside a good look over when I did the control arm bushes the other day and made sure the plastics are all clipped/zip tied on nice and secure. I guess a metal front undertray would be nice, but they're rare and expensive
  10. I'm currently living in Germany and doing a fair bit of long distance Autobahn driving. This usually involves me cruising at 5k rpm for hours and hours. Breaks every couple of hours and going between 3-4 k occasionally, but usually cruising at 5k when the road is clear. I was just wondering if I can do anything to ensure the engine holds up fine to these conditions, any preventative maintenance needed etc? Think I've covered off the main things that would come to mind... - Cooling: I've recently fitted a new rad and used Toyota red coolant, never goes above 3rd level on the guage - Oil: Nice and fresh 5w-40 of Millers finest - Tyres: Upped pressures to 34/35 for high speed cruising - Brakes: Obviously these are tip top Thanks in advance! Matt
  11. Happy 5 Anniversary supersan23!

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  14. Happy Anniversary matt1!

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