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  1. Have to say i love the starlet great cars them.
  2. Hi have you noticed any coolant in the passenger side footwell? Has I had the same problem with my celica and it was the heater matrix. When you start your car up do you hear a sucking noise this is another indicator that your heater matrix is gone hot air passenger side and cold on the drivers side. 

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    2. aaronh86


      Hi peter unfortunately it was the head that was gone had a compression test done and sure enough gone and clogged with mayo gunge.

      Replacement engine is the best option at this stage!

      Thanks again peter for all your help

    3. Peter67


      Your very welcome and good luck with the replacement engine this engine also went into the lotus With a supercharger so if you can get hold of one of them and put it in now that would be cool 

    4. aaronh86


      Lots of jdm engines here in ireland but none have the air pump inlet so have to see what way i van work it

  3. Sorry what i ment was to remove it so the underneath can be blasted and get it refurbed and put back in
  4. Hey all my celica is getting the under side stripped and blasted ready for welding, painting and undersealing My st183 has the 4ws any body have any knowledge of removing the system? Whats involved i want to change bushes blast arms and paint any help would be great thanks
  5. Welcome to Celica Club UK aaronh86 :)

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