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  1. Took the car to the coast over the weekend. Nice little trip to Southwold, Suffolk.
  2. Some people have a so called "daily" and do less than 1500 miles per year. Others have theirs as a 2nd car and do 6 or 7K
  3. Been talking to various friends about this while in lockdown as car mileage for some has drastically reduced. What mileage quantifies 'Use as a daily? ' Some cars are real mile burners 10-20K per year, others are on a limited mileage insurance policy of, say 5k per year, some (like mine) are 2nd cars so only get used at weekends, short trips or car a shows. If you use yoi car on a daily basis but only do 2K per year is this really a. daily compared with someone who does an National average of say 12k Is this fair to comapre? With some
  4. Facebook has some hillarious comments about Celicas, Especially from our friends 'across the pond' One guy recently wanted a brake upgrade for his ST as he wants to get sub 12sec runs on a 1/4 mile strip. The car is a standard USDM 1.8 ST 7A-FE engine On his profile he says he plays alot of computer games...... Says it all really.
  5. Know your pain. Did my Vert last weekend, then had to do it all again today. Only because the wifes ST was still under cover of our carport.
  6. Not done too much to mine recently but managed to clean, detail and polish the wifes ST. May get round to doing the vert today
  7. Nice little addition to the Vert, All the way from the USA. JDM Central armrest
  8. CCUK Calendar hung in it's new home at work.
  9. The previews look awesome, Will be ordering a couple when they are available
  10. I normally collect mine from ORC when he has them.
  11. Any news on when they will be available to buy?
  12. Had a similar issue with my daily commuter car. Noise got louder with road speed and not affected by engine revs Turned out to be a very dry wheel bearing. It could also be 'feathering' on tyre tread. Usually happens on cheap tyres. Check the tyre tread pattern for different heights on tread block. Or if you have them, swap over to another set of wheels to eliminate the tyre issue. Hope that helps
  13. Cleaned it again, then later got told by a random person in a supermarket carpark it was the cleanest and best looking Gen 6 vert he has ever seen. Felt quite chuffed.
  14. Bit of a silly question but what advantages /disadvantages does the E56 gearbox have over the S54 gearbox on the Gen 6?
  15. 2nd pic is the cable to the oil level sensor in the sump
  16. Lambda sensor off a UK spec 1996 GT 3S-GE which I am breaking. This sensor screws into the downpipe under the car forward of the cat about in line with the bulkhead & Front subframe. Some lambda sensors (I think for the JDM Imports) have a flange with 2 bolt holes. I have seen some which bolt /screw in to the headers but I think this is mainly on the 3S-FE engine.
  17. After a long wait, these arrived yesterday. Still need a little bit of TLC to get some of the small dings out but I am happy with them.
  18. Today was a bit of a session, removed, stripped, cleaned & rebuilt the rear calipers, removed broken thermostat & replaced with new one & replaced split Aux. belt.
  19. Had advisories on my old GT for having a Noisy exhaust ever since my run in with the local plod regarding my exhausts 'Looking loud' & my mate who is my MOT tester found out. There are regulations regarding noise, ISO5130 gives the procedure on how to static test. BUT and this is the problem, the regulations for noise test is actually 82dB at a 30mph drive by test. Static test for SVA or import is 99dB taken at 3750RPM. The Police can do a test, it is the static one, they ask you to rev to 3/4 of the way to the red line 3 times & take an average. (this is actually wr
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