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Everything posted by Cal670

  1. Bug splatter

    Ahh damn! Well I've gotten away with it so far so I'm not too worried
  2. Bug splatter

    Is it just Gen 7s that suffer badly from this or is it all Gens? In the warmer weather I often end up with alot of bug splatter on the front of my car after going down the b-roads and rural areas. Alot worse than I see it on my dad's Audi A4.
  3. Bug splatter

    What's worst on mine is the blood splatter, lol.
  4. Tried to stick one end of the fuel tank heat shield back on after it sheared last night. Will see how well it's stuck tomorrow.
  5. What came in the Post Today?

    My third membership card and letter. Felt strange not feeling a pen in the envelope, lol.
  6. Petrol prices :(

    Been using Sainsbury's fuel last couple of fill ups. Seem to get more for the money, and the car runs just as good as Shell regular, so I'm not complaining.
  7. Petrol prices :(

    From my experience: Shell regular and Sainsburys regular: mine likes these the best. Not much difference between them, although Shell may just take the lead. I seem to get a tiny "kick" when putting my foot down with Shell. BP Ultimate, Tesco 99, and Sainsburys super unleaded: mine runs great on all of these. No "kick" though, and they don't last as long as the regular fuels. Shell V-Power and BP regular: mine gets down V-Power like there's no tomorrow, plus I don't get the kick like the Regular Shell fuel. I do put the odd tank in for the cleaning additives though. When I put BP normal fuel in, my idle went down all of a sudden for a few seconds, to the point where the car sounded like it was going to cut out. Put Shell back in after and it ran like a dream again. I can't comment on them myself, but some have said avoid Asda and Morrisons fuel. Many have said Asda fuel makes their cars run like crap (Celicas and non-Celicas).
  8. Petrol prices :(

    May be different being a 140, but mine runs better on Shell regular than V-Power.
  9. so what is the official pronounciation ?

    Or their pronunciation of "racecar" as "Honda Civic".
  10. so what is the official pronounciation ?

    Pretty sure somebody from Toyota confirmed it's pronounced "ce-leek-a". That's how I've always said it.
  11. Wheel refurb

    There's not really much point having them straightened. They're very soft alloys, and buckle quite easily. You'd likely be paying to have them fixed, only for them to bend again, especially with how bad the roads are nowadays. Both of my rear wheels were flatspotted and wouldn't hold air for very long, so I bought some different, stronger alloys instead.
  12. Image hosting

    As above, +1 for flickr.
  13. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    Tractors don't require an MOT to be driven on the road. So could be some really old tractors driving about with dangerous mechanical faults for all we know. Saying that, I've never actually seen a tractor broken down on the side of the road.
  14. Celica return?

    Well there was an article on various motoring sites back in the March, saying that Toyota are planning a 3-car sports line-up. The GT86, the new Supra, and possibly, even a new MR2. There's been no updates since then however, but I'm hoping we will get to hear something pretty soon.
  15. Sorry dude, didn't want to come across as insensitive. I did a similar thing a couple of years back. Tried to park between 2 cars in a Sainsburys car park and caught my near side door on the rear bumper of a mini. Had a lot of scratches to polish out the next day.
  16. Assuming from the description that was self-inflicted?
  17. Rotated my wheels around diagonally to prevent early tyre wear. Should be good for another 6-7000 miles now.
  18. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    Nearly £40 a side for a strut boot, could get them for about £22 at the time from TCB parts. Apparently a genuine TRD spoiler (unpainted) was somewhere around £1200 only a couple of years ago.. On the plus I got a free sump plug washer from them last December
  19. The amount we had to drill open the holes in the boot to fit my second TRD spoiler... Still doesn't it flush lol.
  20. Does anyone else get MOT nerves?

    I think my nerves come from my first ever MOT being a fail (on my old XR2), and my Celica's first being a fail due uneven braking at the front (never actually noticed anything myself though). 2 passes ever since though