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    Cars, Bikes, Trains, Plains, Motor Sports, if it has an engine and can race chances are I’m interested! Also Horse riding, jousting, sword fighting and swashbuckling in general :-)
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  1. what have you done to your celica today...

    That's really weird Si!?! Never herd anyone mention that before! Had seen in some places that GT4 struts were stronger or something to lift the big wing.......but never herd of any being longer!?!
  2. MOT and seat belts

    Weren't belts still optional anyway back then? I was born in 83...but have memories of my Nan never wearing a seat belt for some years, which probably brings you forward to about 86ish and Simons rule above
  3. MOT and seat belts

    Alright smart-ass point taken....have edited that out. However....'IF' you removed all lights and wiring for such I believe you can have a vehicle classified as 'Not to be used after dusk'. Sure I've herd of such on the custom build scene and some older classics don't have lights. However I would expect it would be a pointlessly complicated exercise on a modern vehicle that came with lights! As to brakes, well no vehicle is usable without them, so go's without saying that they need to be in working order.....though judging from some of the crap I've seen on the roads I think working order is a loose term! If you wanted to remove all traces of power steering and go Heman old school then I guess that would be your choice. Would undoubtedly be some reclassifying involved. But again not very practical! So we were right Dorris? Remove seats as well and seat belts no longer required as ability to carry passengers is removed? Not that the OP has ever said why they want to remove the rear belts anyway???
  4. MOT and seat belts

    But you've just contradicted yourself there bud!?! A windscreen would definitely have been factory fitted And if that's the case how do street legal stripped out cars get through MOT??? I'm fairly certain that if the ability to carry a passenger is also removed (i.e. the seats), then you could legitimately remove the belts also. But also guessing its going to be one of those some garages will see it one way and others will see it another type issues.
  5. MOT and seat belts

    Agreed, was only having this conversation with a neighbour the other day as he wants to remove rear seats and belts from his car to transport his dogs around. As I understand it if its there but faulty or not in working order then it will fail. But if not there AT ALL then it cant be failed. Now in the case of rear seat belts I think if you still have a rear seat then it can justifiably be argued that you have the capacity to carry passengers in the rear still so need belts. But if rear seat is completely removed as well I cant see it being a problem. In my neighbours case he knows that the dogs will chew the belts if left in place, hence why he wants to remove them as well.
  6. to cat or not to cat. that is the question

    When it comes to the Imports some garages will accept this......others wont! I had been using the same garage for years and when I got my Import SS-II Beams I argued the toss with them that it should not be CAT tested as a non UK engine but they would not have it as the engine code (and that seems to be the clincher in most garages eye's) is still 3S-GE.....and 3S-GE is of course listed in the emissions book. However I know of a fellow member with a SS-II standard 3S-GE engine and his garage have done non CAT tests from day 1 simply because its an Import without any question.....therefor he don't rock the boat. LoL. As to getting a letter out of Toyota...........GOOD LUCK!!!!! Many have tried and I'm yet to hear of anyone succeeding! If your set on going De-Cat then you will need to find a more understanding garage that will accept the car for non CAT test......but also accept the circumstances if it gets challenged legally at a latter date and your found to be in the wrong.
  7. Happy 4 Anniversary mellomine!

  8. Happy 7 Anniversary akaJAY7!

  9. Happy 1 Anniversary sctt511!

  10. Happy 5 Anniversary Black Knight!

  11. Just seen this on Ebay . I need a lottery win please.

    HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Prices - for a standard Gen 6

    Oh right
  13. Prices - for a standard Gen 6

  14. Prices - for a standard Gen 6

    Ahh, ok. Mum really needs to think about an upgrade soon as her ST is running on borrowed time in terms of underside rust issues. But Silver is probably the one colour shed never go for!
  15. Prices - for a standard Gen 6

    What colour are these cars Si?