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Everything posted by Briano

  1. Prices - for a standard Gen 6

    I think orc is close on the price, for a fully original car with 1 owner I would add another 10-20%
  2. How long have you owned your celica?

    I bought my tropicana GT in 2008 and still have bits of it. my 2nd was a 1994 GT and I went out yesterday to buy a spoiler of a guy who had my old car sat on his driveway. he was the son of the person i sold it to and it hadn't moved since 2009 my current GT4 I have owned since 2012
  3. Salt on roads

    near the coast does more damage than road salt during the winter. road salt causes most damage when it clogs up in an area underneath and can fester away......made worse by stone chips under the car I once bought an escort from a 1 owner who lived by the coast and always parked the facing the same way. entire drivers side of the car was rotten (really rotten) and passenger side was fine just to add, the japanesse get their roads covered in salt during the winter too
  4. I have an actual tailored cover with straps and elastic front and rear for my GT4. had some winds recently around 30-40mph and it managed to break the straps underneath and with the force ripped both a wing mirror and the spoiler off. sometimes its best to not cover the car and just keep an eye on it.
  5. Well well well...

    Please do not say something with a 7afe or a 1zz
  6. Intermittent Starting Issues

    lets hope it does it on sunday
  7. Intermittent Starting Issues

    might be that a new battery was fitted when it really was a weak alternator. I am guessing its worst when its been left longest????
  8. car tax

    it will need nothing more than a rinse with a hose when you take it out.
  9. car tax

    didn't even realise that you have been out of the country since the recent changes you can tax it online though with the reference on the new owners slip (small green piece) and the reg number

    although i brought it up I hope for once my gutt is wrong

    I moved to a new unit a few years ago and got knocked off. stole everything that wasn't bolted down. luckily for me they flogged it all to someone i knew in the scrap trade and I got nearly everything back. I had no idea I had been robbed though until I got a phonecall offering me a bunch of celica parts

    fingers crossed its an end to it. I have had cars stolen before mostly recovered myself and only 1 car has vanished of the face of the earth. its not nice to wake up in the morning and your pride and joy is gone

    pretty sure it was on facebook itself some time in the last 6 months. don't worry I miss things for sale sometimes too

    as this is very sad. I would just like to play devils advocate, its not uncommon up here for someone's car to be found burnt out as an insurance job I only mention this as I have seen the car for sale recently
  15. It's dead!

    going to have to scrap the above idea. just spoken to bek and to paraphrase "he will only touch a gen 7 if its to have a beams engine fitted"
  16. It's dead!

    at £200 I would take it. if you want to send me a message with some details about the car I can see what i can move around given your location i would be getting bek to collect it
  17. Happy 7 Anniversary Briano!

  18. when you consider just how godo the ST185 rally car was compared to the cosworth/legacy/delta etc its strange how a st185 can be written off for some rust and scrapped and a nice one is only worth a few thousand whereas the cosworth is still over £10k and climbing as is the delta. I nearly bought a delta HF integralle years ago for £1100 one of the stupidest days of my life was turning that car down I think i bought a mk5 rs2000 instead as for the ST205 this is the one of the GT4 that will really appriciate as there was enough sold - enough have survivided to cover demand and its by far and a way the best celica ever built
  19. Driver seat is stuck help😰

    You can get to the bolts at the back it's just murder
  20. Driver seat is stuck help😰

    Unbolt the seat Pop it out and unjam it when you can see what you are doing
  21. even better in the levin as the petrol costs are halved
  22. Drove to fort william on Monday night, just for the sake of it.....totally didn't plan to do it but kinda ended up there
  23. 'Laws on exhaust'

    my only requirments were to have it quiet below 2000rpm which is was. anything over that and it was screeming
  24. 'Laws on exhaust'

    nope it was louder than that onto the original point though. im pretty sure that any non standard exhuast technically isn't legal regardless of sound