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  1. Now that all Gen 7's are at least 12 years old, should we be advising potential buyers of the car who ask for advice, to buy one or not?. Reason I ask, is that there are now a host of possible items a new owner may have to replace/repair. To name a few.. Leaking Radiator Corroded Rear Subframe Corroded/Broken Springs Corroded/Tired Shockers Corroded/Seized Calipers Corroded/Buckled Wheels Corroded/Leaking Sunroof Corroded/Leaking Petrol Tank Neck Failing Hatch Struts Leaking PAS pipe Broken Petrol Flap Hinges Corroded Brake Pipes (added as requested) Of course, the list above excludes normal "wear and tear" items such as Clutch, Exhaust, Battery, Discs, and Tyres, which will eventually need replacing on any car. I'm sort of "on the fence" as regards this question. SO..where do you stand?.
  2. E10 fuel?

    You'll still be able to buy E5 for a long time yet.
  3. Celebrity Status.

    Thread resurrection record?
  4. Painting Replacement Brake Calipers

    I think you mean "damned", Sly. There's no need to remove the calipers to paint them if using a small brush. Just make sure they're cleaned thoroughly first.
  5. Painting Replacement Brake Calipers

    250ml of Hammerite Smooth at £5 a tin. Two coats, leaving a period of several weeks (to fully cure) between coats, applied using an artists brush. Being able to apply a thicker coat than using a spray type like Foliatec, leaves a smoother finish on the casting. Loads left over, allowing any "touch-ups" to be carried out as required.
  6. Came across this page on Toyota GB..apologies if it's a repost. http://blog.toyota.co.uk/the-toyota-celica-history
  7. By your description..mine looks to be genuine. The top "plate" is silver, and the welding around the base continuous. This is exactly what is stamped directly under the sticker: 334278 KYB CAUTION GAS FILLED DO NOT OPEN OR HEAT MADE IN JAPAN PL14 There is also transparent plastic banding around the shock.
  8. Now you've got me worried, Gavin. I have a front pair waiting to be fitted. Are you able to expand (pardon the pun) on who the "on-line supplier of reasonable reputation" is?.
  9. Is this the happiest Gen 6 owner ever?

  10. Gen 7 GT Transmission fluid change

    It'll be fine. Apologies for stating the obvious, but just make sure you can undo the filler plug, before you drain.
  11. Nice. £3k (when new) worth of "packs" too
  12. Had the O/S wheel off earlier, along with removing (and destroying) some arch liner clips, bumper bolt screws, all three headlight bolts, O/S engine cover, and finally..the indicator bulb. 75 minutes to change an amber bulb to a chrome one, all because of the bonnet stay mounting. I did not refit the hidden headlight bolt. THAT is staying off.
  13. Number plate choices

    "V" is Sept '99 to February 2000. So only available on very late Gen 6's.
  14. Number plate choices

  15. Number plate choices

    G6 FUP is available for £399 all in.
  16. Accident damage.

    I can't tell from those two pics., whether you have an electric sunroof. If so, the "Premium Pack", which consisted of Leather/Sunroof/Climate Control, was a £1500 option when new. Just might help the ultimate settlement figure.
  17. Tips to fit rubber pedal covers

    I use washing-up liquid as the lube.
  18. Write Off Valuation

    If when checking on eBay you find similar cars to your own, SELLING for more than the settlement figure offered, then "dig your heels in" and insist on a higher figure. Remember, the Ins. Co. will be aware of the selling figure, not the asking price of cars for sale. In future, ask how much the difference in premium for "Agreed Value" cover, that way you will have a valuation in writing. I have had my Gen 7 insured with Greenlight for the last few years, and the extra cover is something like £30 a year. You may already have checked these sites out.. https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=firefox-b&dcr=0&ei=kK2fWsWVK6mPgAb9zo_gDQ&q=dispute+insurance+car+settlement&oq=dispute+insurance+car+settlement&gs_l=psy-ab.12..35i39k1j0i8i30k1.484926.485514.0.488552.
  19. Tyres and spacers advice

    Having a Rotrex fitted helps
  20. Tyres and spacers advice

    Correct..it's a fairly common size..although there's not a big difference in price.
  21. Tyres and spacers advice

    215/45 is fine. Many members on here have 215/45 on a 7J rim
  22. Tyres and spacers advice

    You're getting better acceleration with a smaller rolling radius than the OE 205/45. The downsides are: A harsher ride Less bump absorption putting more wear onto your suspension components, and increased risk of a buckled rim Speedo reading will be out (215/45 on the front actually makes it more accurate than 205/45) I'm running 215/40 front, 215/45 rear..so decent acceleration, with a bit more comfort on the rear. Rims are slightly wider at 7.5J though. I don't recommend this set up for a face lift TS, or GT though. HTH
  23. Tyres and spacers advice

    If you don't mind a bit of "tram-lining", 225/40 would be fine on 7.5J, as the rolling radius is pretty much spot-on. The problem is availability..who sells them?. 225/45 is two sizes up from OE, and a bit too big in my opinion. I think your TS would be slower than a 140 in the 0-60 dash. Economical though
  24. Tyres and spacers advice

    Unless acceleration is all important, opt for 215/45 (215/40 otherwise). If you must fit spacers, don't go any wider than 10mm. Personally, I don't think you need them with combo of rim width/offset, and 215 tyre. FYI, I run 7.5J ET35 215/45 with 17mm spacers on the rear, with occasional rubbing on the rear tyres if carrying one passenger and drive over a dip in the road. Car is lowered 30mm on Eibach Pro Kit. HTH
  25. Accident damage.

    Another one bites the dust