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Found a very old Celica club flyer from 2003 when i first joined not the glossy shiny one we had but the original download and print it yourself version.


You too can feel incredibly old now as this was  in the days of dial up internet :lol:





Like Celicas? Well, if so, you might like to know there’s hundreds of like-minded souls out there who feel exactly the same way.


Celica-club was set up in January 2002 so that owners of all Celicas, from the very first ones in the early 1970’s to the latest ones rolling off the forecourts had a way of chatting, sharing information, and generally having a laugh in a friendly co-operative club environment.


So if you point an internet browser at www.celica-club.co.uk and enter the forum, other members will be more than happy to say hello and chat about everything from the best type of car wax to use, to how to supercharge your engine and fit that amazing bodykit you’ve seen someone driving around in.


The club organises regular informal meets as well, so even if you’re not a Celica owner and just an owner-wannabe, there’ll be tons of chances for you to meet up with us and admire the cars on show.


www.celica-club.co.uk - probably the friendliest car site on the net. SEE YOU THERE!



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Is is time to bring back the gold and blue colour scheme? I think early 2000's nostalgia is very much coming in right now! =P

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I used to add 

"Given to you by Old Red Celica"

to the bottom of mine.


As for bringing it back, we've still got hundreds if not thousand of the Red ones. 

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