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Post your 1st celica owned pictures here


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Found another pic. Oddly enough watching youtube earlier today my mum said there was a pub in Wolverhampton where it was all bent out of shape. I googled and its called the crooked house. Mum said they went there over 35 years ago. 

Now hunting for old celica photos i came across this one. Can see dads yellow celica in the background and what do ya know its the pub in question too. Mum surprised to see the pic. High rez scans and Photoshop cleaning stuff up really make all the difference.


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7 hours ago, slybunda said:

Now I'm not sure on what car is in the pic but thats me sitting on the car. Pic was taken over 35 years ago. My dad says it was his celica, but I'm not sure if it is a celica or something else. It's deffo a toyota.


Looks like a Celica ST.





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Added image.
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This is what brought me into the Celica world. Was my first Celica, bought back in 2009. Sadly no longer with us but parts went on to at least 30 other cars with the last major bit going only last weekend. 




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had to repost mine again as the link didnt work ....again just like monkey88


akuma is still kicking after 9 years ... got some bits to sort out next year as havent really done any more mods for a while :




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