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  1. Lol I know the last thing I'd do after having the rear subframe changed is not bother mot-ing it, having said that, a gen 7 s that actually had had it done is the holy grail
  2. Yeah ditto, I'd take a punt on it esp. with the GT provenance with those caveats, had some cat c 's in the past and created a couple, it d be handy to know why if poss tho affecting value could be innocuous. How about this one, just had a new rear subframe, but can't be bothered retesting? Looks quite tidy tho. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-celica-1.8-vvti-spare-or-repair/1385455737
  3. Always thought I'd start this thread, anyway've spotted an interesting car, (Not for me at mo), but just like to gauge others opinions on buying tips, and for people's heads up, like. Would you buy? If not why? How much would you give? Any good or not so good things youve spotted about it etc? And the like, Anyway so have spotted an interesting sought after one to get the ball rolling. How about this one for you people out there!! Snog, marry or avoid? https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/2005-toyota-celica-gt-1.8vvti-limited-edition-rea
  4. Lol yeah thats dead right unlike the Celica I do all myself I've had to subcontract out for the grooming and FSH.
  5. Yeah I know what you're saying my bonnet bumper and reg plate were pretty similar from the previous owner, the paint does seem quite fragile, but unfortunately it's now been added to by my round town parking scrapes etc!! Your car does sound pretty good for a 200k er, and with the underneath in good nick, mines similar, you d actually be hard pushed to buy a better example ironically!! Mine does look pretty shabby I suppose in retrospect maybe a bit more paintwork tlc or applying something pre motorway work may have helped poss?
  6. Of course motorway miles is prolly much better than town miles even cosmetically. I've always wondered where they get the 12k average mileage from and whether it's totally accurately representable. I've pretty much always limited my miles to between 3 - 5 k but I do use mine quite a lot but mainly jus round town, occasionally im surprised when I've realised I've gone over the quota, but unless I was using mine for heavy motorway or daily commuting I couldn't see myself ever getting near the average 12 k. And so the low mileage 30k 10 year old car must still actually be quite a w
  7. When you say 'light' how light exactly are these any stats? All I know is most alloys I've lifted are far from light, I'm trying to perceive the effect/difference on unsprung weight.
  8. A v tasty looking wheel that have to say, the OZ ones look nice too but the JR ones for me just look too similar to the standard tsports
  9. It's one of the best long term expenditures you could make if you want to do that, it sounds quite a good place price and service that, itd just ideally be done in a glorious week that we prolly get only once in a decade!!
  10. Well that's plenty of time for it to dry out!! Must be quite a comprehensive service none of the quotes I got took that long Oh just another thing as a bit of a pointer I'd make sure the garage is offering dinitrol and not actually waxoyl it's a better product and I found the better places only offer that and not actually waxoyl
  11. You'd think garages like this operating this sort of service all year round would have some form of drying arrangements now, but tbh I don't fully trust em and I'd wait for a nice spell spending 750 sovs. When I first got mine I looked around a lot for this sortta service and your price doesn't seem too bad compared, but I was never quite happy with the owners assurances and premises, in the end I compromised and addressed the worst areas myself, and then booked it in for a schutz undersealing my Toyota dealer does for 60 quid, but I must have rearranged it 5 times due to the weather that
  12. I've sortta grown to quite like those p flaps but I'm not sure they'd look good on all colours, not sure about blue for instance, but yeah I think the price is way excessive for what they are, I've thought about it, but personally I think maybe going down the route of akuma with a decal or wrap coordinated to the individual car's a better route
  13. I know what you mean bazz, it's a personal thing, but I must admit, at my age it would be a handy reminder for which side the filler caps on!!!
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