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  1. Happy Birthday Aristotle!

  2. Happy 8 Anniversary ash_gt4!

  3. Happy 11 Anniversary kandyman!

  4. Happy 10 Anniversary WheelRepair!

  5. Happy 2 Anniversary Aristotle!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this, looks really good! If I manage it I'll post up my efforts :-)
  7. Hello, Thanks for the support, I've sent Geraint a PM so maybe he can help me. I think I'll have a go anyway, the way I see it if I try and fail on my most broken key then I can still pay to have an official replacement which I'd to have do anyway. Sooner or later the key is going to completely crack open, spill its guts and give out. I don't intend to be stranded somewhere when I need my car to start! Where there's a will, there's a way!
  8. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find any threads about replacement keys. I'm not as active a member as I'd like to be, I'm currently wrapped up in trying to move house at the moment so everything is a bit mental. Anyway, I'm onto my spare key now as the casing on my original started to crack. The spare is now cracked as well. I don't know if it's the way I turn it in the ignition or just what happens to these keys with age (52 plate Gen 7). I saw a post on a Facebook Celica Group (sorry it came up on my feed) that someone had made their own flip key transferring all
  9. Happy Birthday Aristotle!

  10. I'm really enjoying this thread! When I see another Celica in the wild I'm always interested to see who's driving. I'm turning 29 shortly and am a data analyst for a commercial energy consultancy. A teacher at secondary school had a Gen 6 and always went on about how he was going to get a Porsche Boxter and then turned up with a brand new Gen 7. I always admired his Celicas and wanted a Gen 7 from then on. I finally got my wish 2 yeas ago (nearly to the day) when I came home with Aristotle. We are going to be together until the bitter end! I only see rudeboyz or old people driving Celic
  11. Happy 7 Anniversary ash_gt4!

  12. Happy 9 Anniversary dabeca!

  13. Happy 10 Anniversary kandyman!

  14. Happy 9 Anniversary WheelRepair!

  15. Happy 1 Anniversary Aristotle!

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