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  1. Happy 4 Anniversary Mick-r1!

  2. Happy 4 Anniversary thegadgetman!

  3. Happy 5 Anniversary johnsg!

  4. Happy 10 Anniversary Limeymk1!

  5. Happy Birthday Limeymk1!

  6. My old ST182 took out a deer (40 mph), hardly any damage to the car. That's what I was told anyway, as I was on holiday and my friend had borrowed it. It was all fixed up when I got home, just needed a replacement light spray nozzle.
  7. A pirate fish to decorate my now mostly debadged 202.
  8. Happy 9 Anniversary hawker!

  9. Happy 3 Anniversary Mick-r1!

  10. Happy 3 Anniversary thegadgetman!

  11. Happy 4 Anniversary johnsg!

  12. Happy 9 Anniversary Limeymk1!

  13. This is what the back end looks like, I reckon a 1mm steel plate could be made up with tabs for the H4 and screw it on in place of the big black backing.
  14. Sounds right to me. I only have one outer lamp, it's got all it's tags on it but has the electric height adjustment on it rather than a manual one. Should be usable. Yours if you want it. The lamp housings can be removed as they're held on by 6 screws so the next challenge (should you choose to accept it) is making up the housing for the H4 bulb so it can fit into the headlight unit. They're usually held in with a spring clip of some description.
  15. Will have a look tonight and see what's in stock. I think I have a couple with broken tabs in the garage.
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